Internet in Uganda and especially in Busoga region where i hail from, is a night mare. First of all, it is very expensive and secondly for a rural woman, she believes it is for the highly educated. Accessibility is also a challenge as business internet providers don't see this as a market for them. There is need to bring the internet closer to the rural woman by sensitising and making it available and making her understand that this is the easiest, fastest, quickest and affordable means of communication whether you are marketing your products, reporting a case of assault, accessing international information and also staying informed. Anti Domestic Violence Coalition believes that domestic violence can be addressed through the internet as this is an issue that is contributed by many factors. Women’s lower status in their community is an underlying cause of violence and an issue that touches all other aspects of our lives. When we understand why domestic violence occurs, we can see the connection it has to many other problems that individuals, families and communities face. By addressing the root causes of domestic violence, we also address causes of many other problems that affect our communities including poverty alleviation and access to basic services. By bringing internet closer to the rural women, they will be able to read and understand that sexual and gender based violence, reproductive health, maternal health and malaria are global issues and that many people out there are trying various avenues to address them including world pulse.

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Dear Advc, You are right, when women, especially rural women gain access to the internet they will be informed about many issues bothering women and also know that women all over the world are concerned and taking action to end problems of gender violence, maternal and reproductive health issues. I enjoyed your writing, it is so articulate.

Nabiye-tal Seaman Ogbaji, Founder/CEO- IEVAWC.@nabiye, @ievawc

Hi Nabiye,

Thanks for the comment. As already mention in my submission, internet is one of the things we should advocate for to be accessed by all women regardless to their status and i believe, information will reach the less privileged .

Margaret Kulaba Executive Director Anti Domestic Violence Coalition (ADOVIC) GBV NETWORK, JINJA. UGANDA

Dear Busayo,

Thanks for the support in the work you are doing for the community. Be Blessed his lenten period.

Margaret Kulaba Executive Director Anti Domestic Violence Coalition (ADOVIC) GBV NETWORK, JINJA. UGANDA

Hello Margaret,

Your determination to bring the information to women who have not dared to believe that they have a right to freedom and safety, creates with each contact, the changes that we hope for and work toward. Our voices for the first time in history are growing with a strength and connectedness that has not happened in our lifetime.

You remind us with your work that we gain strength both by reaching outward to each other, and by showing this strong global collective voice against violence, to women who have not yet been able to break free. Yes, we must continue to find and heal the root causes. Every time a woman becomes safe and free the Earth shifts. I am glad to know that you are there.

with love,


Hi Tam,

Thanks for the comments. I am happy to have many more women like you appreciate the need to reach out to the voiceless. Please feel free to like our page or you can email directly at

Be Blessed.


Margaret Kulaba Executive Director Anti Domestic Violence Coalition (ADOVIC) GBV NETWORK, JINJA. UGANDA

Hello, Margaret.

Accessibility is a big challenge in some African countries. The work of grassroots advocates to assist women in taking advantage of internet technology is commendable.

Well done.

I completely agree with you about the numerous benefits that internet access provides for women, especially in rural areas. You are doing great work to empower the women in your community and use the internet for change - it can help solve so many problems in the world. Keep up the amazing work!


Thank you for the reminder that challenges of internet access for women in Uganda are both external (cost, availability, attitudes of internet providers) and internal (perceptions of unworthiness among rural women, etc.) I think all of these are important to remember.

I hope that all of us can continue to remind each other that each of our voices is important. I imagine the world to be like a colorful mosaic; the picture isn't complete without all of the colors and patterns present!

Thank you for your leadership among the women in your community and for reminding them that every woman deserves to be heard, treated fairly, and to live a fruitful and happy life.

Blessings to you from a global sister! Kristie

My global sis,

Thanks for adding your voice to this noble cause.

Be blessed.

Margaret Kulaba Executive Director Anti Domestic Violence Coalition (ADOVIC) GBV NETWORK, JINJA. UGANDA