The most exciting aspects of web 2.0 are speed and coverage. These two ensure large volumes of information reach many people at the same time. Information is available to anyone at the click of a button. What this means is that people get to know about what is happening around the world without necessarily having to sit and wait for the news hour on local Tv stations. In knowing what is going on in the world, people connect, and share experiences and have the opportunity to give advice and provide solutions to problems from the comfort of their couches. The recent hunger disaster in Kenya had Web 2.0 to thank, through the various means available on web 2.0, people and organizations were able to roll out a campaign and raised funds to alleviate the hunger crisis simply by posting messages on Facebook, twitter, and blogging. Web 2.0 creates a zone where however how tiny a village you are in, you become part of the larger crowd.

Web 2.0 has set out to take the global women's empowerment to whole new level. They say information is power and Web 2.0 maximizes the supply chain of information. For a long time, women have always been the last ones to get to know about things, for one reason or the other, the world we are slowly leaving behind has always found a way to keep women in the dark. That is all over now as Web 2.0 gives women all the information they need. If you wish to know about sexual molestation on women, FGM, social political and economic situations of women, is all information available on Web 2.0 because women have found a voice and they are sharing what happens in their environments. The availability of information provides women the opportunity to network, come together, make friends with each other regardless of continent, race or creed but with a common intention to solving all the problems facing women and set up each other for bigger roles in the society, I am talking about leadership.

On my part, once I have information, once I have networked with women worldwide and found friends among women, I am very well empowered, because there I have a foundation and a buttressed fence of people of like views and convictions and friends who can rally me on the right course and remain wise enough to guide and direct me without expecting a sexual favour in turn. With this, not even the dark sky can deter me. A meeting of women minds is happening on Web 2.0, we are listening and sharing ideas, and choosing who to invite on the table and what ideas to take up from our opposites. It’s not that women cannot vote for women, they have just never had the opportunity to listen to their fellow women without men interfering. A meeting of the female provides the first step to the wisdom required to meet the rest of the world.

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I appreciate hearing your vision for the world made better for women through Web 2.0!

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