Other factors that prevent women from receiving or seeking care during pregnancy and childbirth are:

poverty distance lack of information inadequate services cultural practices.

All women need access to antenatal care in pregnancy, skilled care during childbirth, and care and support in the weeks after childbirth. It is particularly important that all births are attended by skilled health professionals, as timely management and treatment can make the difference between life and death.

Hello Ahdihassan

Thanks for sharing the story of Life For Pakistani Mothers. The statistics you share are truly eye-opening, all the more so for how preventable these deaths are. Thank you for outlining not just the challenge but also some of the solutions that can be used to help more mums and their babies survive childbirth.

Sending you best wishes for your continued important work,



Chère ahdihassan,

Merci pour le partage de votre histoire qui est si touchant pour les soins qui est priorité dans l’éducation dont les femmes subissent pendant la période de pré-maman. Le problème capital est la non information sur les différents domaines de santé cause des problèmes très sérieux, et ajouté à cela la pauvreté, plusieurs cas surviennent. Vous êtes la voix qui changera votre communauté.


Dear Ahdihassan,

Thanks for sharing your post and rising up this topic. Indeed, the statistics you share are very worrying and making me think that this topic unfortunately is underrated. I truly hope that the solutions you gave will help.

I completely support your important work,


Oui Bonjour et bien merci ma chère Ahdihassan pour ton post, bien merci et également je comprend que le problème de santé est un problème mondain et partout c'est comme ça, continuons la lutte ensemble,

Merci et à plus


Hi, Ahdihassan.   Your story is very powerful and eye-opening for me.  I had no idea what the situation of maternal health in Pakistan was like.  Thank you for sharing both the problems and some possible solutions.  I thank you for your work and support you.  




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I hope that you will help me further for advertismenting and  to erdicate social issues in Rural of Pakistan, Special in internal Sindh Honour killing cases. i will arise my voice with the help of you. we will arise voice global issues and we will fight next generation to next.

Dear ahdihassan,

Thanks for highlighting an crucial and painful reality common to many countries worldwide. Let's maximize efforts to better the situation.

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