The Women and the Web 2.0

When I joined World Pulse little did I know about the jargon Web 2.0. As many women out there, I have already used social networks before but what makes the World Pulse unique to me is the fact that it connects grassroots women leaders, intelligent, passionate and hard-working women that share the same goal, to make a positive impact in the life of their communities. This is what I find most exciting about Web 2.0, virtually meeting with women who otherwise I may have not met, even though I would wish.

From my experience working with women, I know that women are under-represented in various positions of social life. When I firstly accessed World Pulse and started to browse profiles of fellow women, I couldn’t believe my eyes how many success stories I found out here. As a woman I felt really proud and at the same time grateful to World Pulse for providing a platform where those stories can be heard, a platform where every single voice counts and can be an adding value for the community. To my opinion, this is the contribution of Web 2.0 to the women empowerment, creating channels of communication that can bring about change, communicating the message to a wider community which can mobilize resources available, experts in different fields or citizens around the world that can give a piece of their minds in today’s thorny issues.

Hadn’t I joined World Pulse I wouldn’t have interacted with so many inspiring women and probably I wouldn’t have learnt new terms like social media and citizen journalist. There is always room for improvement I thought and realized the tremendous power of the web. I found a community thriving in ideas and resources that when properly used can work wonders.

My wish is to interact with as many women as I can, the more the better. In these terms, I can say I feel already empowered. Although, I hope to establish a reciprocal relationship with the World Pulse community where we a can build a mutual understanding with a long term impact.

Women along with the Web can make the difference!

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Dear Aida, I totally agree with you, I am reading wonderful stories here that make me feel prouder and prouder of being a woman and I can interact with you. Could have it been possible otherwise?I don't think is an amazing community! warm regards Pam

Dear Aida,

Your article is so powerful! I also absolutely agree with you, PulseWire is such a wonderful role model of Web 2.0 for women around the corner to give our voices heard.

Loves, Sarvina

Regards, Sarvina from Cambodia VOF 2011 Correspondent

I believe World Pulse has definitely served as inspiration for every woman that joined; it is so powerful that nobody can resist its force. I am happy to have you as World Pulse friend from our nearby region; let us speak, raise our voices and make changes happen!

Hi Aida,

Thank you for this great post. Nothing more to add to what you've said. Yes, it's so true. I am so glad to join the World Pulse community where I feel warm, not alone, proud and where I can learn more about my peers all around the world.

Good luck with everything you do!



Thanks for visiting my blog

My thoughts exactly. To be able to communicate and express my joys, hurts, and accomplishments with women around the world says measures for how far technology has come. I am so inspired by your writings. Keep pushing forward.

Peace Be Unto You!


Aida, I can taste your enthusiasm and positive spirit! Isn't it wonderful how we can create a community of women working together even if we are spread far apart around the globe? What are some of the ideas and resources you have found beneficial?

Aida, Its about Joice Banda again, the first vice president of Malawi.Democratic Progressive Party to win certainly was because of having a new thing in the history; a woman vice president. As it is the wish for every person to grow though did not announce it herself, she has according to other quoters ambitions of rising to the position of the president. It is unfortunate that other big fish in DPP came at open saying that Malawi is not ready to have a female president.

Its unfortunate again that all women activists remained silent on this till today; may be because of fear to be arrested, i dont know! May be because the party is busy selling the brother to the president for the next presidency, I dont know but its all sad.

Now about my organisation, we are helping unpreviledged women with basic business skills and in groups to make them start small scale businesses. As of now, we have received 3 sewing machines to train them, but after graduation, we are not sure as of now if we will manage again to get a starter pack for them.

This will not only give them money but confidence and financial freedom that will make them speak out even compete with men in different positions.

And in Malawi, we are having local elections in April 2011, my organisation is one of the few acredited to condact voter and civic education by the Malawi Electroral Commission, its sad that with few resources these NGOs have but we have been refused funding, but it was my wish to encourage women contestants during this campaign. I know its a system that the strong always use money to over power the weak.

Am busy sourcing for funds locally so that we can manage to do even just half of our planned activities.

Thanks for showing interest, if anything ,write me I will provide the needed information, I know with your influence, you will help my country.

Thanks, MOSES.

Dear Aida,

Nice to hear that you've connected and grown through World Pulse. like many of us here. I think that's one of the great facts about Web 2.0

Continue writing, please...

Warmly, Pushpa