Oui ; une femme congolaise peut contribuer dans l’économie du pays., d’abord la  femme n’était  pas considérée dans la société c'est  à ce moment ci qu’on a  vu  que la femme peuve aussi faire quelque chose dans la société ou dans son pays ; on considéré la femme comme une personne faible dans toute chose ce pour cela que la femme avait besoin de travailler dans son pays mais ont néglige  beaucoup son travail ce pourquoi la femme peuvent faire quelque chose dans son pays. Elle peuve donne des idees et de conseil.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic. When women work and become part of the economy they become strong and are such an important resource. Your comments shed light on how women who work in the economy are able to gain strength and can gain ideas and advice and are able to become stronger. Women should use their role in the economy in order to show others they should not and are not considered weak but instead are a vital role in society. Do you feel that this is occurring in the DRC? Are women able to leverage the economy in order to gain more worth in the eyes of the rest of society?


Alyssa Rust 

Je vous remercie pour vos observations. C'est vrai que la femme a longtemps était considérée à tort incapable de contribuer à la société dans laquelle elle vit. Vos mots montrent bien que la femme soit tout aussi importante que l'homme !



Yes, Congolese women can contribute to the country’s economy. Women have long been undervalued in society, but we now see that they play vital roles in their society and country. Because women have traditionally been viewed as weak, they have been driven to work for their country but, as a result, have had to neglect other important areas of their lives. Yet women can do something for their country: they can provide insight and guidance.

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