It was a perfect summer day
the sunlight suits word by word
chord by chord-
the songs that was aired on TV;
the women singers sang with guitars.

On the other side of the world
parallel to where I was
the moon weeps silently.

After the stars die away like a dream-that night
a new morn destined to mourn
and no wonder can betide-
another wonman will die-of stoning.

The dust on the cell walls trembled
on the air as the man spoke to her
the vedict: "...and you will be stoned to death."

She...was mocked,sentenced-
an adulterer...

One drop of nervous rises
until it slowly grew...
consumed the core of her soul
making her lesser than a mole
inside that dark prison room.

The sad song of her heart plays-
she might be begging to the face of time
to stop...who knows...

I wonder what was in the edge
of her scared-dimmed eyes...

Could it be the picture of her family?
her children...?
or a moment of her precious moments
packed in a glance of deep sorrow.

Oh woman torn before the world's eye
the time had finally come...

She was dragged out of cell...
dressed in white,chained...
Her head covered with white cloth
that hid her tears when
she was ditched up to her chest.

Not far distant was a pile of stone
not so big and not so small...

One picked and start to lead
the throwing of stones into her he head
No one stop until the blood
continously drops from her crown
that sways backward everytime
she wa hit...

Her final gasp of sir...
'twas when the sun growl to the birds,
they took her out of the hole
and laid...on the sand...
D E A D...

and on the other side of the earth
was a perfect summer night...

People were feasting the finest fruits
of the earth's treasure could ever give
opposite to what is happenning
on the other side of the globe...

when the moon silently weeps...

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A poem that doesn't only tell a story but the emotions of the attitude toward this horrific events. Stoning doesn't only kill the women being stoned, rather it causes the death to the idea of equality, rights, and overall human life. Thanks for exploring this issue that has been a horrific crime for thousands of years.