This is a very special poem i've written for my employer's son Cham Cheuk Yin.Him and his parents were very good to me inspite of my flaws.I am greatful for their help during my worst moments,especially Yin,an angel to this world that's full of filthy lies and Judas.He serves as my strength and my joy.

Sweet Cheuk Yin's silver words
That flows on gentle air
Like a thousand rainbows' chords
Pluck by angels' feather.
Whom in this agony
I'll beg for mercy?

It's sweet Cheuk Yin's silver words
That melts my frosty day
His smiles are my metal swords
To fight the bullets of disarray.
How I maintain this rented breathe
After all the painful threats?

Well,it's Cheuk Yin's silver words
That gave me golden showers
From a plastic romantic tale that's absurd
It smoothed my pain in gentle manners
The purest light of heaven against elfin's rife
It opened me to another sagacity of life.

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Airyn, I believe poetry is the language of the soul, and you do justice to the art form. I have enjoyed reading your poetry (the few I've read . . . I also read some on your blog page). Thank you for writing about pain, abuse, Judases . . . real subjects that are the REALITY for so many in our broken world.

Thank you for writing, too, about angels and "silver words" and rainbows :) There is beauty in our world; there is beauty in humanity. Beauty overcomes pain and keeps hope alive!

Wish you many blessings!

Dear SLaw,

I just saw your comment after more than a year. :) Thank you so much for appreciating my art and for your kind words. God bless you.

Much love, Airyn

Airyn Lentija-Sloan