Abs Development Organization (ADO) work on digital literacy since 2004 in Hajjah-Yemen, where women are grossly deprived of their right and participation in the socioeconomic and political floors. Moreover, where most of the women have no voice against the violation of their human rights. Therefore, ADO opened the first Training Centre of digital literacy for women at Hajjah level. In 2004 implemented 4 campaigns on The importance of using the Internet for women, and then started the training on computer skills for 20 women during that period I faced a lot of challenges from local administration as well as from the Govt.But as innovator for idea continued & insisted to completed the training for these women. In 2005 training another groups (20) women, Now our center have more than Five thousand women that graduated and have all types skills of digital such as word, excel, use internet, use Email, Facebook and how search in the web. Today Abs women proudly claim that they have an idea about different cultures. When they need any information just open the web. Today these women knew the benefits of digital technologies, such as share advocacy messages and create platforms for communities to lobby for policy change, make markets and businesses more efficient, increase government transparency and accountability and give us new ways to assemble and make our voices heard. In addition, put these women in touch with ideas, knowledge, friends and loved ones.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to WWW: Women Weave the Web .


Dear Pushpa, Really I'm very happy to your comment. Thank you so much Pushpa. I specifically look for a strong women that are ready for raising their voices by all digital tools. All the best, Aisha

Dear Aishawahan,

Thank you for sharing your experience of working for the welfare and empowerment of women regarding digital literacy! it is great to see that little by little women are improving their lives by learning new digital skills! Good for all of you!

My best wishes!



Thank you for your kind comment. We will continuous to help women to have good life ,you know digital skills is very important for women to change their life to the best.

All wishes, Aisha wahan