Olive Oil Skin Products
Olive Oil Skin Products : This new product was scientifically produced after numerous studies and the work of ongoing research and experiences we came through with the production of high quality products that ensures the safety of the consumer in the long run by creating a natural alternative for the consumer’s personal care which is available in markets at all times.
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My name is Abeer Itayem and I join a group of professional United Professionals for Business Empowerment (UPBE) that focus on identifying and launching initiatives to develop the Palestinian women own businesses that include but not limited to clothing, handicraft, olive oil products, soap, and herbs, in order to reduce unemployment through Optimizing Business Process and global marketing.


Our mission is to enhance the economy in Palestine through a new way of digital marketing, e-commerce and trade.  Sustain, improve and develop existing businesses and giving them better opportunities in the local and the global markets to grow and increase their market shares which will help in the overall Palestinian economy and decrease the unemployment level in Palestine. As a group of diversified backgrounds in marketing, innovation, finance, management, SMEs development and cultural knowledge, we are providing the Palestinian women with marketing programs – we educate them on how to maintain their customers and gain new ones. United Professionals for Business Empowerment (UPBE) realized the need of the Palestinian women business owners via visiting and talking to them; therefore, we believe that we can deliver them a low-cost marketing and management programs.


Our aim is to empower women, handicapped, youth and skilling by giving them a great opportunities on hands experience in a good, safe, encouraging healthy atmosphere to gain confident and maturity to move up in the Palestinian job market. We are helping start up home grown business which are mostly run by women in refugee camps and rural / marginalized areas who are trying to become independent and trying to stand up on their feet by providing them marketing their products and improve their performance.


We believe that the Palestinian economy is detraining for many reasons including inability to market their products. We visited some women who have small soap production factory, handicraft shops, skin products, clothing and herb shop all over the Palestinian Authority. We discovered that these businesses are not getting the attention and support as other large size companies. Therefore, we ask your organization to help us market the Palestinian women’s products and help them promote their products internationally to be able to expand and hire more employees.



I really love this initiative!

congratulations to them.




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