I was outside today and could feel the breeze. The breeze carried it with it a smell so sweet that I could recognize it anywhere; the smell of grass.

Now don't laugh. I know it seems funny, the smell of grass. But when you take in mind that we only have up here in my area only about six to ten weeks of spring, you understand how prescious it is, and how short lived it is. Soon, grass will also bring trees and their leaves, lots of wild flowers that bring a life all their own. We will be able to grow something. We can play outside in our shorts and play in the water.

The sun is warmest in the Spring/Summer weeks, and the night breeze is just the right temperature. You can hold your hand beneath the golden sun and actually feel the warmth it has to offer instead of accompanied by a chill and dim light.

We are live like the cherry blossoms up here. We have a period of short weeks, and then it all goes away to the great beyond, welcoming another long winter.

So here's to Spring, the warm weather and happiness that it brings!


I know that feeling of winter finally fading and the brown mush changes to Spring for real and the scent is lovely, it is hard to imagine Spring as a real season in other places since here it comes so late that Summer seems a week away!


In Portland, it's amazing how we can exclaim about the wonders of spring not one, two, three, but scores of times. Your description of the sweet smell of grass- lovely! I think if we all stepped back marveling at the smell of grass, there would be an abundance of happiness! You have the spirit of a poet and artist!

Enjoy your spring days


Thank for for your reply. It's nice to hear of Spring and of other places. No one ever really talks about the places there are from. I guess because it is something everyday, but what is it like to travel there, to live there? Is it all the same? There must be some differences in each of the places we come from...looking forward seeing your reply. Best Wishes, Aliĝngix.

This post impounded the smell of fresh cut grass in my head, even though I'm sitting in my room right now!! Haha. The warmth is here and I am here fully embracing it with my sweaty armpits and bare feet, I live in the deep south of Georgia where the humidity get so bad you can actually taste the water in the air, but we ain't all rednecks! haha Okay enough with the visuals, as you can tell it gets almost unbearable, but I love every second that the sunshine is kissin' on my sunscreen slathered back. Spring is short lived here because summer loves to make the beaches of St. Simons Island its home and I never realized how fast we moved from one extreme to another until you are out there on the beach in your swimsuit on Christmas day.....

This post though gives me the great impression of the delicious rebirth that spring brings that we barely experience here. haha hope all is well!!!

Ha ha ha. How "cold" is the water on Christmas day in Georgia? Ah ah.. I'm glad you can paint a picture in my mind of just how hot it gets over there. It's hard to believe it can stay that hot for so long! My teacher from thwe south once said it's like moving through water while walking through the humidity over there. Well, cheers, and here's to both Spring and Summer.