.. ISN'T just an attempt to get more girls and women into top jobs.  

It's a philosophy.

Most companies have men at the top - and near the top - and these men pretend to meet, greet and tweet each other in order to "get their jobs done". But what they're really doing is promoting the status quo, the old boys' network, the ladder that excludes women (unless we're prepared to give in and join them on the sports field or rub shoulders in the sauna), the late night gatherings in the pub, the chest-beating and the jokes about women in the locker rooms. Every time they stand at a urinal, displaying their masculinity, what they're really saying is I'm a  man, I'm in charge, I can hire and fire, because I can aim my pee.

And the trouble is that we are powerless to change that - if we speak out we're accused of jealousy or even the old standard 'penis envy', or we're told that we're actually 'in line' for promotion (there are just a few hundred men to promote first).

No - feminism is a new community, a sorority where everyone gets to win through on her or his merit; where the person is praised, not the school tie or the ability to drink; where family and community mean more than one under par on the gold course; where women get to organise the workload and decide who to promote; where people are called by their first names, not announced like a batting order in a public school; where innovation and forward-thinking win out over 20th Century 'muddling through'.  

And, above all, where people are people in all their genders, sexual inclinations, races, colours, creeds, and abilities, and not organised by whether they've got the necessary political beliefs, yachting colours, friends, passports, diets, offspring and body parts!