Empowerment is more than a slogan: It was shown that increasing women’s education and income and breaking down cultural barriers to utilization of health services were important components of promoting families and community health. Moreover, these changes would not take place if there was no change in the institutional structure of society (Desai, 1993). 

Here is a toolkit that was put together by the World Health Organizations (WHO) that is for women's empowerment and leadership in health and welfare. The toolkit can be used to help create dialogue in your community and can help groups develop an action plan. Check out the toolkit for some great resources, tips and advice as well as some great tools to help lead some activities in your community. 

Link: http://www.who.int/kobe_centre/publications/womens_empowerment2005.pdf?ua=1

I have also attached a pdf version of this toolkit as well. I would love to hear feedback if anyone has the opportunity to use this toolkit. 


PDF icon womens_empowerment.pdf
Topic Leadership


Women empowerment is really an essential term; especially in rural sectors, women are unable to get sufficient opportunity to develop their skills and strategies. So,different profitable and non-profitable sectors are contributing their best to improve women empowerment and skilled programs. Under which they are getting enough chance to develop their current status and identification. In this digital age, they are also getting different types of toolkits to develop their leadership.