New Media provides a number of hidden platforms which work below traditional media and has the capacity to share ideas and spread concepts far beyond the shallow reach of traditional mediums. This is ideal for the enhancement of innovation, the development of discussion and the strengthening of ideas and resolve. The power of this medium has been acknowledged by governments and organisations alike, it is only the fear of social networking that has led to the ‘Great Firewall of China’, and to expansion of counter cyber terrorism in many western defence budgets. This in itself makes web 2.0 an exciting platform, as it has such power and so many powerful people are afraid of it. Web 2.0 has the capacity to democratise voices across the globe, and to introduce new ideas far across the world whilst strengthening communities looking for positive change. To share the challenges faced by those far away and to aid the burden of the problem solving process. For western countries, and women in particular, the new media has the capacity to help us realise the need for equality and change. By no means do we face the same level of discrimination and abuse as found in other places, we are mostly free to drive cars, to vote and to study and work as we please. Those battles were fought and won, women burned their bras and we believed that women’s liberation had freed us that we had every right just as a man. Which is what happened, whilst retaining the right to raise a child and be a housewife, we also had the right to work, control our finances and have a career. No men took the responsibilities that we had, instead we kept our burdens and accepted new ones, in the desire to be free. We are now left with pay inequality, work and social inequities while the media pressures us to be stay at home mothers with no male involvement in domestic issues, no true partnership. Whenever these issues are raised we are shouted down, our issues are nothing in comparison to what people face elsewhere so why should we complain? New Media provides us with the capacity to fight subtlety with subtlety, to work our way back into the mindset of the world and find true equality and democracy. Whilst we use the array of tools available to battle for our sisters facing such horrors of abuse, mortality and disease that we can barely imagine simultaneously these tools can be utilised to free those women with an easier path from their gilded cage. Then not only can we be freer to help those less fortunate, but we can also hold our heads high when we say that there are better roads ahead, not simply new barriers to overcome and not just new invisible shackles to hold us back. Through these new media we can network and build strength and momentum in a way never done before, equality through democratic power.

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Yes, the world - and many of us included in it - tends to think that having resources mean being liberated .The truth is, its not.And that's why even a Kate Winslet feels pressured to be slimmer and has to cry out 'I won't!

Use what power you have, to say your 'no!' when you feel you must.

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

Everyone thinks they know what's best for you or how you should act or be. Everyone is unique and different and we should all respect and appreciate that.

So true! In my post I talk about this perception in the west that women's movement is past tense - something already won which is not true at all.

Not just issues about pay equity but in my country sexual violence and domestic violenc against women is prolific!

'New Media provides us with the capacity to fight subtlety with subtlety, to work our way back into the mindset of the world and find true equality and democracy.' Well said. Lovely post.

Friend! Your are right.This web 2.0 is the platform for free voice.We don't need to hide our voice in the dark place.We have got a chance now to reveal the hidden voice. Firstly, I am not clear concern with my assignment and it made me confused a lot so that I am still writing mine but after reading your assignment , I am clear . I have to write about the usefulness of the media and web 2.0 ,right? If I am right or not ,can you tell me?

Thanks! Zin Zar

Hey Zin Zar,

I do believe that is what we should do, with also a focus on which elements of New Media excite you (ie. networking globally, problem solving, feeling of connectedness etc.) and maybe how you think it can be used to make change. Hopefully that helps! and cheers for the comment :)


Hi! Amaltr, we can stay from isolated world now .Though we are far distance ,we can be friend so that we can be friends .

Let's make a friend! Zin Zar

Hi Amaltr,

Good job talking about what more privileged western women face and how helping sisters in even worse positions intertwines with changing things in the west. Not so many people talk about this, because it makes us squirmy to think of complaining when others have so many more problems. Good job talking about how we can all get ahead together.



Hi Amaltr!

Your image of "fighting subtlety with subtlety" is a really powerful one and speaks directly to the culture of New Media! I agree with CK above as well that you draw out an emphasis on what needs to change in the West and Global North as we think about the potential of Web 2.0. I so would love to hear more about your own personal story as you voice your experiences. Definitely keep that in mind for future entries!

Best, Theresa