Happy New Year 2011 -appsfb
  • Happy New Year 2011 -appsfb

I am sitting here by myself browsing through facebook, WorldPulse.... and contemplating on what I have experienced this year. It has been a remarkable year. I have made new friends and challenged my self to voice my emotions that have not been touched for as long as I can remember.

I am most proud of the decision to join Worldpulse. I have found a place where I can express my thought without hesitation. Freely express without subjecting them to my own censorship. The outcome of this freedom has given me confidence. The confidence has been built with the love and care extended by the WP members who have taken time to read my journal thoughtfully and giving positive comments. I am extremely amazed by the fact that strangers could have such an impact on my emotions, feeling and my self development. The distance did not matter. The lack of face to face interactions has not hindered in developing some trusting close friendships. The power of writing has become a fact to me. WorldPulse has created this opportunity. Thank you, Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year to you.

I cannot say my work environment is a place of joy. I am forced to get up and go to work as my kids and I depend on this income. I am thinking to apply for a new job in hope the work place will have a nurturing and positive environment. I am getting encouragement from new found friends. I fee this could be a good move with the new year close by. 2011 can begin with new changes. I already have plans for the first six months of 2011 and a pleasant new job could just work well for me.

With the new gained confidence it is time to DREAM, BELIEVE, ACT, have FAITH and SUCCEED :-)

Wish all readers a Wonderful New Year: 2011


hey Amei,

it feels so wonderful reading your journal at this time. As city here is busy in celebrating christmas eve , i am inside my room with only light from my pc as its load shedding here. I was just going through facebook, and made our new pulse wire group there, and was turning the pages of pulse wire. when i read you i too feel - yes its time to think about my past life and make a new decision and walk on the path i want to walk in. I just stocked in a line for some minutes -when i read you are not satisfied with your job. SAme happened to me this year and i am taking a break. Hope with the recollected energy and knowledge and ideas , i wish to get the new platform where i can learn, share and enjoy my work too. But working for so long years, i started working since i was 17, i feel lil uncomfortable to take a break from my job.

But i hope for the best, and with the new year and new beginning i wish to grab lots of opportunities which will add more colors in my life. I wish you the same and may you get the colors in your life in 2011. Years just come and pass, but what one needs to do is to collect the moments that one get in their life.

Pulse wire was one of the moment that lead me to live with what i wanted from so long time.

Its not only words its the truth of my life. And i am so happy that i find so many friends here in pulse wire like you.

Wish all of us all the very best:)

happy new year:)


Nilima from Nepal

Working, earning and filling myself with tasks to do, I never thoughts of what I really want in my life. It was only this year I realised I could actually plan and do what I want without stopping to care for my family.

Different corners of the world we may be sitting and looking out at the world from the little window we called our PC. We have to dream of what we want and believe that we are capable of realising our dreams. We are at a point now we cannot go back to old ways. Nilima, I am scared and at the same time exited as I have decided to apply for the new job.

Now, I don't want years to come and just pass without me making an impact. I want to create my opportunities and go for it. I have to say I am scared and excited at the same time. Lets succeed in our dreams together. We keep a watch out for each other an we go together in achieving greatness.

You have given me energy to go ahead and helped make may faith stronger. This is wonderful gift for the new Year coming :-) Thank you for sharing.

All the best, keep focused and you will succeed

With love Amei


Get Inspired-Take action

Your messages of encouragement touch me deeply. I'm cheering for both of you as you look for more fulfilling work. There are two new employers out there about to strike gold! I am also not working. First I was laid off from my last job (which was a good thing) then I got sick and am now considered "disabled." I'm fine. I hobble around with my cane am easily tired and relieved that I don't have to perform at top speed all day, day after day. Meanwhile, World Pulse has become a lifeline. (I check email before I brush my teeth or pour my first cup of coffee in the morning.) You really are my window to the world and I'm so grateful for that. Wishing you a happy happy happy, productive and fulfilling new year.

You are an inspiration to me. I have noticed you have been here on WP often. I was imagining you as a magical person... I was relating you to my well loved magical books of Harry Potter :-) Now you confirm with wand (your cane) that you are a magical person. Your positive outlook at a time of challenge shows that you are a wonderful person.

If I may ask what was the cause of your illness and tiredness. I do wish the state is temporary. I do pray for a speedy recovery. Use personal message for this discussion :-)

Me too gets distracted from my studies. However, I have this urge to see whats new on WorldPulse. I am suppose to be doing my assignments due soon yet I feel talking to you more fulfilling. WP is a great to connect with people and share our thoughts and feeling.

I have my breakfast at the computer and always my coffee go stone cold. I forget to drink it :-)

Have a great day. Wishing you all the best and a happy new year!

Thank you for cheering me. I need all kind of support to make 2011 a success and now you are part of my success.

Cheers Amei


Get Inspired-Take action

I am so happy that you have found a supportive community in PulseWire and I wish you luck in finding a more fulfilling job.

Here's to a year full of miracles!