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Dear anette Yes, you are right. We both want to change people lives which are a similar goal and interest. Hope your dreams will come true. With Love Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Hi Annette, I think what you and your partner are doing is AMAZING! How exciting to have such a plan, and to be actually in the process of making it happen. Your dream will soon be a reality!

Thank you for sharing your voice on World Pulse. I hope you enjoyed the process. Alison

Thank you Alison,

We are working very hard and we know that with the support of the World Pulse team it will be a reality.

My vision is to empower others to achieve their dreams too.

I am assuming that you are on the World Pulse team. I would love to read the submissions of other applicants to see their visions too, but I only seem to have access to my friends'. Is there any other way to do it apart from going through the whole members' list profile to see who were the applicants.

I see it(sharing my voice) as a continuous process. The journey has only just begun.

One Love


Sounds like a great plan Annette. Thanks for sharing it with us.

If you go to the voices rising section, you should be able to scroll through all the different posts that have been submitted for the VOF project. It is really interesting to read a variety of different entries.

Best wishes,


I mor ethan love your earticle and your plans.... I wish you the very best.

Its great that you are so passionate about highlighting the good work of many who are ignored by the mainstream media...Keep up the fight.

Regards, Stella Ndugire Mbugua

Community Champion - sub Saharan Africa group