Based on the fact that for me a hero is someone that lives it's life improving other people's life always in a good way but also, not being selfish whem making it's own decisions, then, there's no way that someone could be a hero all the time, imagine that!, even in the greek tragedy, the heroes have they glory time and then something bad happens that questions its morality, then after they made a mistake they need to think how to be even better and go back the good track, that's the big deal, we all fail at some point, but a hero will emend that failure and do the things better.

So who's a hero? not somebody who never felt temptation to do something bad, but the one who felt it but prefered to go on the other way. Someone who made a mistake, but realized about it and tryed to not doing it anymore and to correct it. Haven't you felt how difficult it is to accept when you are wrong, but also to face it to others and prove you can do it right?.

I've met a lot of people, they all make at some point mistakes in their lifes, the women that I work with they are not perfect, they sometimes don't take the decisions according to everyones necesity but at the important moment, when they face reality and how they can actually change it, then, they think about everyone, everything, and all of then become the heroes of their story.

And I could go on like that, remebering all the people that I had the opportunity to meet when they were being their heroes, or that I accidentally or in purpose helped them to be their own heroes; I've met a journalist who never sold it's conscience to anyone but to the truth; I've met a priest who do more than pray, he knew how to farm, he knew how to recycle paper, he knew how to do productive projects and he always shared he's knowledge; I've met my aunt, who had more patience that anyone that I've ever met, and she was always right; and of course, I have my mother, who has lived an incredible life, full of challenges and deceptions but she keeps going, and I go next to her.

The point is, to realize what makes you your own hero, what brings us to live and encourages the others to follow the example, and what moment of sadness or just a difficult moment, we try not just to get over it barely, but to do it even better.

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I copied this and posted it on my fridge. It is a reminder on how I should live my life and mold my thoughts. Your words echo in my heart and make me realize the importance of not only being honest with other people but honest with myself. I am truly inspired by your voice and look forward to read more from you.

With encouragement and support, Carri

I've read your comment since you wrote it but I didn't have the time to answer it properly, sorry for that. You can't imagine how happy made me to read you, you were really nice and cheerful for me to keep writing, and also working, you know the work in a NGO that is truly oriented to help people it's not always known and when we say what we do sometimes it tends to be even suspicious like "how can they do all that and we don't know?" we were always working by the thought that we shouldn't be bragging about our work, but how can people be motivated to do something if they don't know it's actually pretty possible and not just a dream?. So now were in a new period of work, try to let people know what we do, and still keep doing our jobs, so we have work like crazy hahaha. Please keep reading. Have a great day!!!


Ángeles Ronquillo

Puebla, México.


Your words carry so much wisdom. If only we each, every day, gave notice to those people close by who are doing small acts of kindness and being strong for their family, their community. Being a hero is so much more important than being a celebrity. But the celebrity gets too much attention; the ordinary hero/heroine, too little attention!

Thank you for sharing all that you do, ~Karen

Yes you're right, the real hero/heroine does not get too much attention, and it's because it does what has to do without telling everybody, so they work becomes part of their lives, like if was an obligation so it's not seen as an act of good will. And sometimes we are that hard with ourselves too, when we do something wrong we can stay up all night thinking bad thinks about ourselves and tends to be quite depressing, but when we do something good, we just do it, instead of thinking, I do something good cause I'm a good person who can be even better.


Ángeles Ronquillo

Puebla, México.