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Lately my contemplative meandering has lighted on the concept of bliss and happiness. I find myself working through serious irritations in daily life. I recall the words that Jacqueline Corbelli said in our interview. She basically said that she tries to separate herself from the daily irritations as much as she can in order to be fully present with her family. This really made my mind churn. I began to think about the myriad ways this could be done from the kind to the extreme. Yet still I was lost in what she could mean. lately, I had been witnessing myself in a film of routine that was making me frustrated and numb. I had not meditated in days and I was irritable.

I forgot about the tools that I had put in my daily joy arsenal. So I went back to my internal spiritual remedial school and thought of normal every day virtues like patience and compassion. Then it happened: the the corners of my mouth lifted to attention. In the dust of my mind, I found the jewel of gratitude, and I began to partake of its majesty right away. I wrote in my gratitude/manifest book and recalled my true nature.

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. It’s all about being grateful! If you want a great attitude adjustment, start with gratitude. If you want a cure all to heal your heartaches, listen to someone who is suffering and ask what you can do for them. A heart of service towards others in need (and it sometimes it is saying “NO.”) is a heart that is healthy. The ways that one can be grateful are very broad. I suggest using the template of your own experience to reveal what you need to work on the most in order to achieve gratitude induced bliss. From philanthropy to thanking your partner for just being there, the changes in the present moment are creating the future.

When you have a negative experience or a hard lesson to learn, it is paramount to face it with thanks. Being thankful for the hard times in your life is your only way out of them. When the experience is finished, no matter the outcome, the lesson is learned. Attachment to the result is not the learned lesson, who you become as it is happening is the lesson in every experience. So begin to shine the light of gratitude the moment your soul unfurls. Since you are in a constant state of growth, that means to be grateful all of the time.

Once this phenomena happens, you will begin to see this light poke through holes of apathy, discouragement, and even hatred. You will see the sun shine in the dark dusty room of your heart with hazy streaks of possibility, wonder, and excitement. Welcome to the state of bliss. Be warned, you have been very good at boarding up your heart. Don’t beat yourself up, it is natural to shut off. It is a survival technique formatted from long ago that all beings struggle through as we evolve into the next level of consciousness. It is necessary for us to fend for ourselves, as we inherently desire to be the last human standing. It is the nature of existence.

This state of bliss, however can be achieved all the time, from what I have heard. Buddha describes it as Nirvana, Christians say it is heaven, but you don’t have to die to get there. Just being in the moment, grateful for the experience is being in a world of bliss even if it is sporadic. Find the blissful moments and string them together like fine pearls. Be in a state of observation, and it will warm your heart to witness the miracle of yourself. Work on JUST THAT for a while or as long as you wish. You will soon tear down the walls of your heart and build a mansion that is suitable for your inner king, queen, devi or saint, whatever you prefer.

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