About Me: I am an Indian broughtup in Bangalore. I am in depression from a very long time and its getting worse. I want help and advise. I hope to get it here.

My Passions: singing, dancing and teaching

My Challenges: life

My Vision for the Future: Good life for my 3 daughters(1 mentally challanged)

My Areas of Expertise: teaching, beauty care


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When I had been to Dubai, I got to know that (for people from other countries)if there is a problem and the wife wants to get rid of marriage then if she lodges a complain then the legal help will be from the governament to such an extent that the husband will be called and will be made to pay for the maintanance. This will happen only if the women stays in that country and gets her rights. If he doesent pay he will b in life long trouble, he will not be ablle to go out of their country, his passport will be blocked etc etc. Whats the law in Qatar can anyone please tell me. And is it possible to get help without knowing any 1 here.

Hai I had been to UAE recently, I am an Indian presently in Qatar. I loved Dubai its a wonderful place, generally in India we see most of the muslims who stay dirty and keep their surroundings dirty but when we see these places we will know that its much cleaner than India. Vow what signals we have to just press a button to cross and in few seconds we can cross the busy roads which other wise we will not be able to cross coz of the speed the vehicles are with. My goodness the lovely buildings, my what amazing architecture uff seriously we just wonder how they are built. The Burj Khalifa etc etc. In that you have the wonders like the Dolphin show ooh its a must see show, unbelieveable that the fish and seals are following the human command. They r cho chweet feel like cuddling them, even humanbeing may fail to follow some commands and make mistakes but these are perfect. all the 5 dolphins they recognise the colours too, they pick the balls and give them back to their trainer/master, they do high jump, they jump together to cross a pole, what all n what not. The seals dance with human, kiss human oh God it was like a dream. every time I remember this tears of joy roll down my eyes. I wish I could be with them always. They sing and make noise to gether that too on a command oooo vaaaaw. Then get in to the cable car and enjoy the ride as well as the views you get to watch from it. The Aquarium so big and u feel you are inside it although you are allowed to go inside and feed them by wearing the oxygen mask etc. Its as if some ship has drowned inside, you can see pillars and so many kinds of fishes huge and small, the rocks in it looks so very natural. Every mall is beautifully made, we were lucky to see girls as models in the showcases they sat n stood so well they looked like dolls. No doubt you need a lot of money to spend there. The Dragon Mart is wonderfully made in the shape of the dragon along with the tail and the peaks on it. You get all chinese stuff here, some of them are bad not fit to be kept in Dubai standards. other things are fine. There are supermarkets open 24 hours thats great na. My the floating bridge so big foldable, when ever a ship has to cross across the bridge is folded itsnt it amazing other times used as a road with lots of vehicles moving on it. Therez also a place where you go in boats to cross from one place to the other lovely view. Charges are less. And I couldnot belive that food is so cheap there comparing to Qatar, you must eat the arabic food the fish cooked on charcoal yumm although no spices used not even chilly or propper salt the food tastes great and healthy. The metro station and service is good, what an art to create the path and the structure of building it. In such a small place to make such amazing unforgetable things is the work of a brainy person. The sheik there was really great and not at all selfish yes present one in Qatar too. They care more for their country and people than their own self. no greed of power or anything. My what respect for their respective flags and their national days are memorable ones and every one in their country participates in them naturally they are proud of their countries. If India could get few rulers like these then such a vast place could be made more beautifully. Although I live in Banglore city which is also famous but when we compare its nothing. No I am not critisising but want our leaders to do some thing great like this where no poor, no poverty Government takes care of every citizen without any excuses. I stayed in UAE only for 4 days and was able to see only few things and they are unforgettable, no wonder why people once who go there don.t want to come back from there. And can you believe that the Arabic people (in Dubai) also speak hindi our mother toungue, they want everyone to be at ease if they would do like Indians we want kannada, tamil, malyalam etc they would stick to Arabic how uncomfortable we would be. What you speak should put others to comfort and praises to you and your country. And when you leaders are truely good to people then they praise you with your heart, but if you only want to show your powers you will be there just for few months or years in that position. I must have forgotten many things about UAE but its great. The second thing I would like to tell them is please update the video in the museum where you show us how in few years it was converted to such a wonderful place, coz itseems that its not updated from quite a few years the upcoming projects which are shown are already completed. Hats off to the rulers of these countries. Keep it up...<