Ruby, a woman that when I heard her story it made me very sad. A mirror filled with stories of many hurting women, that’s what I saw. Sad because she was used and abused by her husband Nick, people of her island, the justice system and her government. Can you imagine being left alone without any help? Without being able to escape?

Even in the valley of the shadow of death, still in love with Nick, she turned to him for help and received none. What she got was rejection, increased emotional abuse of different kinds and form. Nick was going through a court case that when the wild fire of justice grew stronger he left Ruby to burn with the help of the government and justice system. He wanted to be free along with the government.

That was the price that Ruby had to pay when she chose to say no to lies and yes to the truth even if the price was losing her freedom. One phrase that Ruby shared with me that was said to her by her opponents was “We are building a house and you have to help us otherwise our whole house will fall“. Nothing that is built on sinking sand will stand. She was the only women in group of male figure and also the weakest point.

Ruby found out that after all these years she has been the victim of a manipulative love. Finding out that you are married to a sociopath is worse than you can ever imagine.

Ruby was charged for a crime she did not commit and went to prison 3 times. Ruby was put in a cage with no way to escape. They tried to burn her till the fire died out…… but noticed that the smoke was always black and never turned grey.

She fled to the Island of Bonaire, The United States and The Dominican Republic which served as a safe house for her and her children.

Due to all the abuse, suffering, screaming, crying and doubt in God, Ruby reached her breaking point that gave birth to her passion to encourage and serve others. Ruby also became the author of her first book "Blessed Through Homelessness”. Creating a movement that encourages women to pick-up their pearls of life struggles that they mistake for curses is what she lives for. 

After this long journey in life she finally looks into the mirror and realizes that she is me.

I am Ruby!


Aw! Sweet!

The tension that was built within me as I started reading this post was calmed down by the last paragraphs. That is what matters...being able to come out of our suffering. A lot of women are victims of manipulative love and still they haven't realized that. They are still in there, suffering from all the shooting manuplations. May all these women find freedom and inner peace someday like Ruby. Ruby, I am very proud of you.

Annadassa, that was a well-written piece. Thank you dearly for sharing.

Sending you lots of love!

Nakinti B. Nofuru

2013 VOF

Founder/CEO Rescue Women - Cameroon (REWOCAM) or


What a Powerful voice, what a powerful stroy. Continue using your voice to tell your truth and the GBV group would love to hear your voice, would to understand the distinct power of your voice and we encourage you to share your stories, your community stories and to share to give hope to others and encourage others.

Looking forward to hearing your voice ring out within the group.


Sherna Alexander Benjamin

"Whenever the human rights of one is violated the human rights of all are in jeopardy." - Sherna Alexander Benjamin