Who are you violence? While an anti value; «JEURI» is thy name in Swahili; Where are you from? What country are you a citizen?

You have a power that destroys, a force that devours; Woe to you, you’re a social monster; a scourge which blights our society;

Violence, you have caused distress and grief; As if that was not enough, Our families you have depleted and our villages decimated. You are ruthless;

The trauma you’ve created has dehumanized us; Therefore my friends, the nation annihilated; Therefore, my brothers as a result; There are couples who break up; And so as a result, my pair: isolation, despair, depression; Accordingly, therefore, dear compatriots; It led a society in crisis, without justice nor law; Therefore, comrades, that is a dying society; Accordingly, therefore human fellows; This is a community that is raped and abused as rapists will;

But where are you violence? Source of our unhappiness; Where are you, that I curse you; Where are you, that I stone you; Where are you, so that I crush you;

Because of you, households have no accommodation, no heat; Because of you, fathers are humiliated; children without smiling;

Really, who created violence? Cursed be the breasts that nourished thee; Where are you that I entomb you without sorrow; Die off, your place is in hell; Away, so that women live again; Away, go - to hell with thee, for the rebirth of DRC.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Take Back the Tech 2013.


Anne, this is such a moving poem. I don't know either where violence comes from, but I hope that your fierce and passionate words will drive it further and further away from our families, communities, and children as you so beautifully write about.

Thank you for sharing your strong, clear voice.


Dear Anne, I have often wondered how violence started and how it become acceptable. Your letter has helped me to answer those questions. You heal with the devastating harm done by violence and I totally agree. Please keep writing and posting, your voice must be heard to cause the change needed for love and peace to blossom. William

Dear Anne, I neglected to say that with access to the Internet women aren't ever alone. Sharing about domestic violence is very important, as you have pointed out in your poem. I want you to know that I'm praying every morning that God will protect you and all women in the DR Congo. This violence must stop--and you need to keep on posting and sharing. William

Dear Anne,

Your composition expands the humanness in being a human -- such a powerful testimony you have manifested ! The poem instantly infuses an energy into the veins with the most humane aspects of being human.

In solidarity, I stand with you, my African mate! ( I, too, hail from Tanzania!). Keep penning -- 'tis meaningful.

Cheers, Shaheen


Oh yes, "C'est de l'abondance du cœur que la bouche parle" dit-on; Thank you for being violence sensitif, thank you for your interst towards Congo's situation, thank you for supporting us in our fight, thank you for encourage us...

Rising voice is my usuel food, rising is the commitment that i took until violence stoped in Easten of DRC, until democracy are set up, until change comes...

Together, the change is certain.

(i'm so sorry for my bad english


It was the intense truth that reflected and spoke through your words. I could see and feel the gravity of pain such violence has afflicted on all women. Your words and thoughts travel deep down and make us think what and where it actually originated from? Thanks for sharing the touching thoughts Best wishes, Soumya

Best wishes,


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"C'est de l'abondance du cœur que la bouche parle" thank you for being so moved by those simples words. We believe that our voice will be heard par decisions makers worldwide.

Thank you for encourage us


Together we stone violence, Together we will crush violence and we will stop violence against women and humanity and it will never be able to raise its ugly head again. VICTORY AGAINST VIOLOENCE IS CERTAIN SISTER ANNE!! Thank you for your strong words!

With Love Busayo

Busayo ObisakinWomen inspiration Development center Ile-Ife, Nigeria busobisaki@yahoo.com womeninspirationcenter@gmail.com http://womeninspirationce.wix.com/widcng

Your creatively put together piece sends a strong message about why violence must seize to exist. You got me thinking about the kind of beautiful and peaceful world that would exist when violence is completely edged out. May your voice be heard in ways that will birth the much desired change.

In solidarity, Green Girl


Oh your poem has so much weight. I love how you humanize and name violence so that we have the ability to talk to it, challenge it, chide it - to filter away some of its power by not giving it more power than it deserves. We can rid ourselves of terrible things if we don't feel overwhelmed by them, and you are allowing us that way of looking at things with your strong and careful words. Beautifully done! Keep it up.

Warmly, Frances

Dear sisters and brothers;

Je ne pouvais m'imaginer un seul instant que cette modeste réflexion suscite au tant d'émotion en vous. Je m'incline devant toutes ses âmes qui s'écrient au tant que nous contre ce fléau ravageur... Nous n'avons d'autres mots que ceux ci pour mettre à la place publique ce que nous ressentons comme douleur.

Ensemble nous vaincrons


I really enjoyed your poem, it's very touching! I liked how you personified violence, as if it's a force acting on its own, independently. Sometimes it does seem as if it's superhuman, something outside the control of people, but then it amazes us that it's people similar to us that use violence. Just a thought... Thank you for the poem! Stay strong!