Equality! His Majesty Equality!
You who think of equivalence ratios;
You who refer to the balance between
Your look doesn't have a taken part;
Because you get foundation on the equity;
Your fulfillment builds the harmony;
The traumatism and the depression run away
before your face;
The frustration and the isolation vanish by
before you;
Because the violence dreads your presence;
As the progress and the advancement depend
on you;
As you feel to be owed to somebody;
Let that you impose yourself to all and that no
one resists you;
Because the stability is your share, the
quietude your heritage;
Equality! Honorable Equality!
You have the merit to valorize others;
You know to warn the partiality of judges and
to uproot the stumps of injustice;
You know how to eliminate gaps;
Because of your enormous powers;
The will to cooperate as well as the
competitive animate you;
Your strength makes rules observed;
Because you extol the good ruling;
His Eminence Equality!
As you feel concern with bringing closer
As you become attached to the dialogue;
Let that you sow the love and that the
cohabitation outcomes from;
Because you hate cleavages and Despise
His Excellence Equality!
Let that your smile chokes the anguish;
Let that your shade erases the distrust;
Let that your perfume swallows the reject;
Because you praise the esteem of oneself;
Oh! His Highness Equality!


Topic Human Rights