• #WomensMarch. Denver, CO USA
  • #WomensMarch. Denver, CO USA
  • #WomensMarch  Denver, CO USA
  • #WomensMarch. Denver, CO USA

Dear Sisters,

I'm still basking in the glow of having marched today in Denver, Colorado.  I marched the streets of downtown Denver with 150,000 women, men and children--all marching for Women's Rights and the opportunity to be heard and to show that we are a FORCE!  As I walked with old and new friends, I felt energized, inspired and humbled.  We talked about ideas, opinions and how we make change happen after the march is done. I especially loved all of the mothers who brought their daughters and sons with them to march--to show them how to speak up with Love NOT Hate. I felt such solidarity with everyone who was marching--we talked, laughed, chanted and knew that history was being made as we marched.  We loved all the signs people carried--they were inspiring, creative and some were downright funny.  And--what felt great was knowing that in cities all over the United States and the rest of the world, we had sisters supporting us and marching in solidarity in their local marches.  Thank you!

After the march, a group of us who had marched together shared photos, experiences and were looking online to see what was happening with other marches.  It was thrilling to see the huge numbers of people who turned out everywhere!  We just sat still for awhile, taking in the experience and knowing it was a moment in our lives that will never be forgotten.

In sisterhood,


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