The Women project is a 2010 initiative by Another Hope Children's Ministries which is made up of HIV-positive widows, , grandmothers, and guardians. The death of a husband often leaves women without access to sufficient resources to provide for their families. Many times, these women are HIV-positive themselves and may lack access to basic healthcare at the same time that their health needs prevent them from providing adequate care to their children.

this project is under a christian organization but works with all people regardless of their faith or religious affiliatiuon

Your support will make a world of difference for these women and their children. Please consider a donation to the women project. Each donation of $350 will provide enough start-up capital for one woman to support her family with an income-generating small business.

The project is aimed at equipping women with life time skills through trainings in various aspects including art and crafts and setting up a business.

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Feel free to support these women so that they improve the lives of the children under their care. check this site

Another Hope Children Ministries

P.O Box 28407, Kampala,Uganda



Facebook name: Nambowa Ruth