Part of my team is back in the States, and the other part is still in Kenya working with Project Africa and supervising the creation and distribution of the mosquito nets we got through one of our grants.

What a fulfilling and amazing experience! It has not been easy though, and there have been times when the work and the conditions have been overwhelming but also WONDERFUL!

This is just the beginning of an incredibly beautiful collaboration of these three forces of the World Pulse, Project Africa, and my University. The summer health camps have been fabulous and the women were eager to learn and put their new knowledge into practice. The mobile clinic and the Nikumbuke health post are working great and nurse Josephine has not even time for lunch. The same day of launching the health post, there was a line of women waiting outside at the door to be seen by Josephine.

Now, the most difficult part has come: to raise money to keep purchasing the necessary medications. The time has come to start writing letters to pharmaceutical companies and foundations. The women in Godo, Perani, and Lunga Lunga, as ALL women around the world, deserve the BEST and now we have to work hard to provide that best.

Above is a picture of my dearest Rafiki Mariamu with me (left), and her daughter Peninah (right) with her Rafiki Sophia who happens to be my daughter :)

I’ll write more soon. I have thousands of photos, videos, and lots and lots of documents written to sum up our work with Project Africa, and all about the organization of the health camps in the three communities, and the creation of the clinics.

With much love to all of you PulseWire sisters. Ara

Left Picture: women waiting in a line to be seen by nurse Josephine just a few minutes after launching the Nikumbuke health post. Right Picture: from left to right Lindy Wafula founder of Project Africa, nurse Josephine, Ara (me), and Mama Bendettah (coordinator of Project Africa in Lunga Lunga) inside the new health post.


Dear Araceli, you know that I love reading your post and equally i love your passion and contribution to the world! You are doing a good job may God bless you. In my tribe we believe that there is a god that works with women and may that God bless you passionately as you wipe others tears, you will know no sorrow. I love you and your work friend.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre, 713 Road, A Close, Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Dear Olutosin, I've been out of contact for a long time... too much work, I guess. I treasure your words much more than gold and diamonds. I always need the encouragement of wonderful sisters like you for me to keep going.

Now, I am back teaching an intense summer class at my university, and it is now when I feel the exhaustion after not taking even a little rest for a whole year. But when I see the videos of the women in Godo, Perani, and Lunga Lunga I get energized again by their enthusiasm and love.

I send you love my dear, hoping to meet you one of these days... why not? Ara

I apologize dear Jackie for not writing to you more often. This past year has been too intense, but I can't complain because it has also been very productive and full of love and energy.

I also see the great work you are doing with the Pulse. I'll write more often. I know I need the Pulse and I know I also need your encouragement and support.

Much love dear Jacki Ara

Ara, You are back!!! I am bursting to hear everything (after you rest) and see all of Sophia's photos. How fulfilling to see a line of women waiting to see nurse Josephine on the first day. As you said, these women deserve the best and I thank you for helping to bring better healthcare to the corners of Godo, Perani, and Lunga Lunga. Keep me posted and let me know what I can do to support you.

Get plenty of rest first though and then when you are ready to dive back in, let's chat. Asante sane and salamu za upendo, Janice xx

My dearest Janice, I want to tell you soooo MANY things!!!! But, first of all I want to tell you this: last year your Rafiki Damaris was my cook so I saw her many times a day and knew her well. This year when I saw Damaris for the first time... I DID NOT RECOGNIZE HER :) She looks soooo different and beautiful, she speaks good English, has a longer hair and wears fashionable clothes; she looks now like an African queen. We both laughed so much when I couldn't recognize her! Last year I sent you her pictures. Wait to see some of her pictures now. I'll send you a couple of pictures to your email right away. Pendo sana!!!! Ara

Dearest Araceli,

What wonderful news! And what a joy to see these beautiful pictures of you, your daughter, Lin, and Rafikis! Please do keep us updated, and utilize our Resource Exchange share the needs of your project. We are spotlighting Resource Exchange items on our Action Center page now, so there is more opportunity for spreading the word.

I look forward to hearing more about your journey and project! Have you met my Rafiki, Judith? You had shared information about meeting my Rafiki Dorcus on your last trip, but I have not heard back from Dorcus in a long time. Judith writes often, and she lives in Lungalunga.

All the best, Jade