One of the things we notice is that young people are always inspired by older persons who shine in one field or another. This is only natural as pracice makes perfect and thus experience is gained and good performance affects younger and less experienced folks. In this case I have been inspired by my daughter! When i read her journal and felt what she must have been through I felt so small and ignorant and thought I would try to have a taste of what she is the way, she is already taller than myself.. Does it matter who affects who? Or does an inspiring idol have certain characteristics to qualify him/her? Now, you tell me.......


Hi Fatima......Quite true ; but then ..does growing happen voluntarily? How about those who 'never learn' and yet they grow? May be we need a definition for (growing) Thanks for the welcome ... and pleased to hear your voice addressing me. Luck! Asha


Hi Asha,

Thank and welcome. In my life so far, i have come to realize that you can learn from anything or anyone. Even a young child who's 5 years old can teach one a lesson or two, if we're willing to learn. We have inspiring people all around us, it is only that we perceive people and situations negatively, mostly and therefore miss the lesson. Growing is a daily process we need to do, daily. I don't think one can ever reach a place and decide that they have stopped growing. Yet, i have heard stories of children and adults who've gone through extremely painful and hurting situations that actually caused their worlds to stop, literally!

My children, who are 4 and 2 have taught me a few things and made me look at life and generally issues differently. My son (4 and a half) is calm and controlled, he doesn't attack situations, he looks at the situation and might just sit there and smile. You may never know when he's hungry or needs something. My daughter (2) on the other hand, is aggressive and a 'fighter'. She is independent and a go getter. When she needs something she asks for it. My children have really changed me, in many ways. I guess for your situation it gets better as your daughter is now all grown up and inspires you in different ways and i'm glad that you can acknowledge that as a parent. It is indeed a blessing. I hope you have taken time to tell her personally that she inspires you, it is more powerful and cause a greater impact on her. I don't think it matters who impacts who or that there are specific characteristics of those who inspire others. Each one of us has the opportunity to inspire others as we each have a special gift, purpose why we were created, and when we realize the gift within, then we use it to inspire others positively!

God bless you for sharing.



Terry Shiundu

Good to hear from you Terry...And pleased to know that I am not the only learner parent; one thing that is putting me to the real trial is the single parent phobia of: would it be the same if their father was here? My children though have always been so reassuring which reduces my fear. Bless your children, and I wish you all a life filled with the joy they bring into it.. Keep well asha


dear asha... i think the key is being open to change and open to receive and learn from those around us.... being humbled by other ,superior experiences introduces us to a new ideas,but being able to learn from everyone regradless of the social, intellectual or age group definitley opens up a whole new world of possibilites..... i guess bringing up these questions per se is inspiring! regards fatma(shiraz)