My Father's House 'The Love of Land' 'Mother Earth'? Why do I fret so much whenever the subject of 'my father's house' is brought up. Our house was built of clay when all the surroundings were built of hey. Our father was very fond of the piece of land he inherited from his father after financial settlements with other heirs. His beautiful voice filled the house, reading Surat Yaseen from the Qur'an. First brick house in the neighborhood, neon lights and a shower in the small room called bathroom!

My father, transferred a lot, finally settled in Khartoum. We lived in various government or rented houses; but NONE was like OUR house. Wherever we went, my father used to lie down with both hands under his bold head and sighs: I wish I can transport my house here! And I felt saddened for him. I wish I know what was in his mind….love of the land, memories of his father, love of his effort, homesickness, or what? He died away from our hometown, but his friends honored him by flying the coffin home and giving him a farewell visit to the house he loved. Years passed, a family gathering decides to sell the house as they need the money to buy houses in Khartoum. What about the man who bought and built the house? Yes, he can't take it with him…but do we forget him? No, sorry, you have to wait until I die and only then you can sell this piece of land!

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With passing time we are getting more and more materialistic. We are giving little thought/ value to feelings , emotions. The change is more pronounced in the new generations. I am really wary of what the future holds.

Nice to read ur tribute to your father, his feelings abd yours as well.

With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara 


Dear Jade and Nusrat, My father, the father of 8 daughters, was one of the early supporters of women education in Sudan... I am sure he is now proud to have gained the support of yet another 2 daghters! Thank you much for your support of my stand, called obstinacy by my relatives. Love asha


Dear Asha, I have just read your story. Your story reminds me about my home and my father. I think this is an awesome story that shows how you feel about your home and your father.

This writing is really great. Carry on your writing. Best wishes.

Fahmida Yesmine

Dear khushbu and Fahmida, It pleases me to hear your support as I am a bit sorry to displease my sisters... Writing is my life love..So write I will. Love asha


Asha, you moved me with your story. I relate to it so profoundly as my parents built their house on their land, the house where all us siblings were born and the home I still return to when I visit them. Everything I am is tied up in that piece of land... my memories, my heartaches, my joys. I cannot imagine any other family stepping foot on "our" land but alas, one day it will happen. But until then, it holds our hearts and spirits in the shade of its trees. Janice

Let us pray together Janice...and others who feel the same as we do. May God bless the living and graciously accept the dead of all parents and ancesstors who fought for the future of their children and the dignity of their Land. May God give us all the strength and courage to fight for the restoration of what is ours and to support all those families left in the wilderness because of the violence and injustce of the inhuman systems in the world... Ameen. Asha.