I am in Cape Town.The weather is quite cold,and nobody wants to get out of their blankets in the morning.We were instructed to carry along our swimming costumes,which we did but never unpacked.We were also instructed to carry along our raincoats which we never did,and now we are in trouble.

I am Currently at the FTX,Feminist Technology Exchange.There are five traks of training and all of us have to choose one.The following are the tracks:

Digital Story Telling Social Networking Mobile Wireless Audio Video.

I am doing video and now i have learned most of the basic requirements.I am exited that i an now be able to enhance my work by giving it a good video blending!

I will be sharing with you all about what we learn.Fortunately there is information for all of us from the other tracks too so there is some learning for all of us on the use of modern Internet Technology.

Welcome.Let's learn together.Let's go!


Hi Jennifer,

We should have been together as we were in Mexico City.Don't you worry Jensine will take all the care on your behalf.

Monkey valley Resort is a beach Hotel,but the weather does not allow any outdoor fun.Well,we still have it in our own way...

For me,FTX has shown me the possibility of so much more Tech Communication than i thought!Pulseire has lots to gain from FTX!

Hugs from South Africa,


Hi Leah,

I have heard so many great things about you from Jennifer and look forward to being connected with such a strong voice like yours here on PulseWire. Thank you for reporting to us on FTX as we are all very interested on what is happening there and wish we could be there. Thanks for being our eyes and ears!

Warm regards, Jade

ooooooohhh! There's always brilliance brewing with you! I can't wait to hear your new ideas from FTX and AWID!

Hugs from Portland,


Cape Town is just the place to be,and right now we are in Jensine's room,busy on our computers in readiness for our big event from tomorrow for the next few days.

My God! What did Jennifer say about me? I think the same about her and the whole team,truly.

I am your eyes and ears on this end,and now my focus is even sharper with Jensine giving me all the support.We would like to bring PulseWire the feel of being here,by sharing widely the happenings here and at FTX.

Thanks for holding so strong on that end.

Says Leah in Cape Town.

I am enjoying your words and thoughts from AWID. Jennifer has only said good things! That you're an amazing woman... which I can already see!

It must be exiting to be there in South Africa at AWID and to be surrounded by such amazing women from around the world. Have fun!

Love, Jade