I have always dreamed of doing more and more in the field of HIV and AIDS.Recently.Last month,i was excited to be trained in HIV Counseling and Testing.I attended 124 hours of Comprehensive HIV Counseling and Testing Course in Compliance with the Kenyan National Counseling and Testing guidelines.I am now a HIV Counselor,trained to do Counseling and carry out Rapid Testing in the following categories.

VCT-Voluntary Coucseling and Testing

PITC-Provider Initiated Counseling and Testing

PMTCT-Prevention From Mother To Child Counseling and Testing

CBHTC-Community Based HIV Counseling and Testing

MVCT-Mobile Voluntary Counseling and Testing.

I also learnt to integrate Family Planning,Sexually Transmitted Infections and Substance abuse in Counseling and Testing,and how to handle different categories of clients including couples,children,men having sex with men,etc.

Though my schedule has been relatively busy,i am glad i have been able to Counsel and Test 9 Clients,including a Couple! Six of them i handled during my Observed Practice with my tutor,and handled three independently.I was delighted to hear appreciation from my clients,and also to be able to give more advice and links to clients who tested positive.

My aim is to be strong in service in HIV and AIDS,and be able to create a change,in lives of individuals and communities.I will also be glad to share all available information here on PulseWire,and to learn more too.

I know many people are not comfortable going for testing,because they fear to know their status just in case it turns negative.It is advisable for people to know their status,even if it turns out to be positive.The earlier one knows their status,the more convenient it is for managing the sickness and treating any complications that may arise.Living positively is quite helpful too.

Let us all join in Solidarity,in the fight against HIV and AIDS.


Now you have another feather of knowledge in your cap to uplift your communities! You must be so proud!! Look out World! Thanks to you, here comes a society free of HIV/AIDS - but full of positive living. Whhoooooohooooo!!!

Jensine Larsen World Pulse

I am overjoyed with your recent accomplishments. Your contributions to the HIV/AIDs community are so valuable and so needed. As you said, knowledge is power and the sooner someone finds out their status, they can take measures to maintain a high quality of life. Thank you for all you do in your community. Your light will forever shine as lives are touched by your compassion, empathy and kindness.


When I see you in B.C. I am going to pick you up and swing you around! Hmmm.... maybe instead you will pick Jonah up and swing him around instead. he he

I honor you for your unwavering commitment to your health, your family, your community, and most bittersweetly, to your disease. You are a shining light for all us. And we love and admire you for it.

Jennifer (and Shawn and Jonah)

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations

Thank you Jensine,Janice,Jennifer,Shawn and Jonah for all the encouragement.Let us toast to this in Vancouver...what do you think about this bold idea? I can't wait to hear the clinking of the glasses,and more,fight stronger in the struggle against AIDS.

Love always,


I looked at your eyes and happiness was registered all over you. I am glad i met you personally and hear it all from you. This is a wonderful thing to happen to someones life especially at this era of HIV and AIDS. I believe you are going to be source of HOPE to those who have given up. I am also glad that you are just a phone a way and we can do a lot of staff together. Keep it up girl. Sister Consolata


Thank you for dropping me a line two hours ago.It was great to hear your voice after a brief silence.Thank you,Consolata.

I am sure when we join hands together we will create change in HIV and AIDS,and to change what people think about it.

Thank you my sister,


Hello Auma, I recently joined VOF and I have been reading alot of your entries. Your stories are very inspiring. May God continue moving you to greater heights.

There is a friend of mine from Canada who is carrying out a research on current HIV/AIDS prevention education programs for youth in Kenya. She needs to conduct some interviews and I was wondering whether you are in a position to share. She is in Nairobi briefly. Her names are Natalia Macdonald. In case you have time and are interested in sharing your views, please email her as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your time and courage to bring hope to many lives. We sure do need more people like you.

God bless, Carol

Dear Auma, It is great that you have heard more trainning in HIV and AIDS advocacy. It is advisable for everyody to go for AIDS testing. This will enhance peopels awareness to their status. Let us all join hands in solidarity, to fight against HIV and AIDS.

Information is Power