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Please let all of us be aware of the human suffering that is all around us.Let us feel with each other,and for each other.


Sister Leah, This is really sad. I can imagine this is round us. Oh my God... Is in this in our country? How i wish it is a strong No. Since the truth must be told, lets face it. I wish this images are posted to our TV screens for people to know the reality behind them. I am sure many people people have not given so much attention since they think this is Goverment work. There are people throwing food to the dustbin. What about the politicians all up in arms just defending their own interest? Only intervention of our most High will save our beloved country from all this menance. Sister, is it possible to communicate to the common man/woman in our country using this images through Womans Hope? With your permission we can touch lives. Let me know. Sister, Consolata


Leah, it is difficult to view these images but I am so glad you posted them as we often forget how dire the lives are of many around the world. It is a good wake-up call for us to not just talk but to act. So often, we want to ignore these types of images and live comfortably in our environments of plenty but to be a citizen of the world, as we all aspire to be, it is necessary to face the unspeakable truths and reflect upon how our silence is contributing to the perpetuation of these issues. Thank you for bringing this to the foreground of PulseWire and let us know how we can continue to support women such as yourself who tirelessly work on the behalf of the silent and unheard.

They look like mummies. Living mummies.

"What I feel..." Open eyes that can not see anything any more. Their eyes are glazed over in hunger, Their senses die because their is no food, only hunger.

We have to work together to secure a future Where hangar is only a common gap in between three square meals a day

and to insure that nothing like this ever happens again. ~ I'm sorry things like this ever happen. I know, that as a country, that America could do so much more to prevent hangar...starvation. As a planet, we could see that we are all neighbors, and help each other out, if not for good intentions, than only for the karma that will follow. I don't quite remeber it all the way, but one time I saw this video where this white tourists squad(volunteers??) or something came to see all the starving children, people. This guy was explaining what had happened, and some adults were crying out loud because they couldn't believe what they saw. Imagine living with it... Thanks for sharing this post. It's the root that will some day sprout into action, I'm sure.

Best regards.