Officially a Master Student now, I just begin my 2-years program in European Relations. In my university it is compulsory to participate to a collective project, and I received yesterday in my inbox an e-mail inviting me to candidate for being a member of the school team for...going to New York ! Just not as a tourist, but as a member of the 2011 NMUN (National Model United Nations) that gathers more than 3000 students to simulate United Nations discussions and caucus. Each university is in charge of representing a country (not its own, that means I'm sure I won't work on France). Which means studying throughout the whole year to write position papers, to find financial supports and institutional partnerships. 3 subjects are chosen each year, I don't know yet which topics have been picked for the 2011 Model, and I can't prevent myself from dreaming of a Gender Equality-centred one :) Anyway, I'm ready to work on anything cause I'm sure the whole experiment is gonna be really interesting! The only negative point is...the price, with plane tickets, hotel and printing fees, is gonna reach 900€ per student! Let's hope we'll find financial supports..

So cross fingers for me, and hopefully I'll meet other members of World Pulse at this great great event !


Many of my friends were apart of National Model United Nations from the University of New Mexico. They truly loved it where they learned so much and worked really hard. They made friends from all over the world and are still in touch with to this day. I hope you get everything you want out of it and out of receiving a Masters. I am excited to hear about your transitions into higher education. Best of luck

-Carri Pence

Hi Carri, thanks so much for your comment :) I'm writing my covering letter at the moment and I feel sooooo excited about it...There will be interviews on Saturday for the ones who are selected, so I'll give news on this post. Please cross fingers for me! and thanks again for this nice message

my application was not accepted by my school :( but don't lose the smile, and I still have plenty of new projects in mind !! I hope this year is gonna be great for all of Pulse Wire members. And now, back to my readings for Master classes :D