Dear administration,

What if my 2nd week assignment has more than 500 words?? I am unable to restrict myself from writing :-( can we exceed it to 600 or 700 words??

Waiting for your response Regards Aysha Ibrahim


Hi Aysha and everyone,

It is important that you limit your assignment to the number of words required in the assignment guidelines. Week 3 and 4 you will be able to write more than 500 words, but this week, the limit is 500. It is hard to write concisely, it is an art I would say. Here are a few tips/options: - Make a list of the points you want to make in your essay and decide what if essential for you to share for your essay to make sense. - Organized your essay by ideas. Sometimes, you repeat yourself and ideas and you might not realize it until you look more closely. - Use dictionary and thesaurus to find words that expresses ideas that can take sentences to communicate. - Finally, if you are still unable to reduce your word count, you might want to post some details of your story in the comment section. This way you get to say all you want and still have a viable essay that is the right amount of words. If you decide to post more in the comment section, make sure you don't cut your essay at 500 words and include the conclusion in the comment section. Your essay/post should send on its own, with more details in the comment section.

I hope this helps. Happy writing!

Delphine Criscenzo