The founder member of Society Against Negative Exclusion Kenya (SANE-KENYA), a non-governmental organization that endeavors to bring sanity into the society that for a long time has been bedeviled by all kinds of exclusions and discrimination in areas of gender, tribe, religion, age, employment, and politics, among others. Currently I am a consultant with Actionaid International: training on topical issues of Gender Based Violence and Women in Political participation. My latest assignment has been training grassroots women aspirants for various political posts in Kenya for the March 2013 general election. Through this process I have witnessed many challenges that women face to acquire political seats or even nominations. This has prompted me to come up with an article on how women are marginalized in politics in Kenya. Consequently, I have been involved with HIV/AIDS sensitization. In 2008 I formed HIV support group for women living in my rural area: RAMULA HIV SUPPORT GROUP. This has helped many overcome stigma and live positively. I am an active member of Peoples Health Movement where I was trained with International Peoples Health University (PHM-IPHU) short course "The Struggle for Health". I endeavor to see a world that incorporate all despite our differences.

My Passions: to give back to the society through voluntary services

My Challenges: lack of adequate skills in some areas

My Vision for the Future: a society free from all forms of discrimination

My Areas of Expertise: training, mobilizing and monitoring & evaluation


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Thank you dear Fatma, for the welcome note to Pulse Wire. I am thrilled to be a members of this powerful group of like minded people who have the vision of driving women issues ahead and getting solutions for them. i will be sharing more on women struggle for political seats in my country kenya. right now we have undertaken the general elections and will be posting my findings on women elected during this time. bye

@ Nairobi KENYA Women have impeccable character, if tapped society realizes quantum leap in development

Throughout the world, women’s equality is undermined by historical and cultural imbalances in public and political spheres. This can be witnessed in the women’s inability to access resources, rights, and entitlements for them. Either by law or by custom, they still lack rights to: own land, inherit property, obtain access to credit, attend school, earn income, get promotions, participate in their country’s politics and even in choosing a marital partner. Wendy Brown (1988) in her book Manhood and Politics: A Feminist Reading in Political Theory highlighted how masculinism pervades more in politics by saying "More than any other kind of human activity, politics has historically borne an explicitly masculine identity. It has been more exclusively limited to men than any other realm of endeavor and has been more intensely self-consciously masculine than most other social practices."

@ Nairobi KENYA Women have impeccable character, if tapped society realizes quantum leap in development

THe Malestream! Haha I love your play on words. And with your work and the rest of us "unrulies", it will soon be the FEmalestream!

valerie camila rhodes

Hi Radiocami Hihihihihihi...Thank you gal, well this is a serious joke and play of words, for us women to excel in the male dominated spheres we need to move beyond the normalcy and become lets continue being unruly as its the only way to bring real transformation concerning women and girl-child in our society

cheers my fellow unruly woman!

@ Nairobi KENYA Women have impeccable character, if tapped society realizes quantum leap in development