A wise man once said “Never compare yourself with others for always there would be lesser and greater persons than you”. Ever heard that? This has proven true over ages. The bigger question here remains how many women actually see them-selves as ‘THE GREATER PERSON’. True to the African mindset and perception of life, most women tend to see themselves as ‘THE LESSER PERSON’. Hard to accept but this is and will remain the truth if as women, we do nothing about how we perceive ourselves. Ever cared to ask your-self these questions; what do I think about me? Where am I heading in life? And, why must I make it? It is quite easy to fantasize the answers to these. Every woman has this big dream about herself. We all know and can tell the Alice in Wonderland story but making you WONDERLAND a WONDERFUL LIFE remains the challenge. Becoming Da AfricanDiva, demand s a complete transformation of your perception of yourself and your world. Those that have been titled DIVAS were not born with two brains or at 18 months. I wonder how many of them have three breasts or two vaginas. Correct me if I am wrong because I strongly believe that you are made with the same substance as they. How then do you start seeing ourselves as a lesser person? The very first thing about beauty is having a SENSE OF BEAUTY! Every woman has an appeal. I am still to hear of a woman that has been rejected by every man. Please agree to disagree with me that there is an ugly woman. In the greatest and the most read book over the decades (the Bible).Our infallible creator says “you are fearfully and wonderfully made. As a matter of fact, the word “VERY” was first used by the master himself only when he made the woman. What on earth makes you to see yourself less than very good? Many women are more interested in their outward beauty than what is in the inside. Believing in your inner beauty as a woman is your first make – over at. It’s content? 1- HIGH SELF ESTEEM. 2- CONFIDENCE. 3- GOD’S IMAGE IN YOU 4- YOUR VOICE. USAGE: -Take an inner bath every morning with GOD’S IMAGE as your beauty soap. A thorough scrub with your image with the image of God is the greatest of all. It washes out your “ugly “ self and gives you a smooth soothing inner body that no man or situation can resist bowing to. - Try the most excellent body lotion ever; YOUR VOICE. How? Have you ever heard that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he? The power of life and death is in the tongue. What you think and say about your -self determines who you become and how your life turns out. If there is some one that has to live a blessed life, it is you ! This gives you a double reproductive power! You can bring life by birth and by speaking! -ESTEEMING YOURSELF HIGHLY is the most fashionable dress you would ever find. You are not just anybody! Go for the best Diva! Nothing makes the woman next door better than you. You can become the woman you have always wanted to be when you stop dreaming her start living her. -Final touch on your beauty- CONFIDENCE. It works wonders on your face. Great as powder(talc), eyeliner, eye shadow, cheek blush and lip stick! When a confident woman is looked upon, her face tells every hidden story of her life. Can you hold a gaze? Can you speak without babbling? Can you face the most embarrassing situation without your dark face turning red? If you have a yes for every question, then you are the next Diva to be referred to. In this walk of life , you can only become who you say you are and /or see yourself to be NO ONE holds your destiny. You are not too small, or poor. Change perception of yourself and watch life change for you. You are DOUBLE REPRODUCER so bring forth anything you desire for yourself. Do not let the sky be your limit, make it your stepping stone! Welcome DIVA.

Bih Mande B.M


i am from Zimbabwe but when i arrived in the DRC i was so shocked to find so many advertisements on skin lightening creams. i was just amazed it how many women use these products inspite of the obvious negative effects associated with products such as Caro lite, Citro lite and many more (they all say become an angel). in zimbabwe these products are illegal and i am happy it is so. i hope that one day they will also be illegal here in the DRC. they incourage low self esteem and feed children including boys with a very negative perception of beauty. i hope that one day i can become an advocate for the banning of these products and that black women will appreciate themselves the way they are. i am very brown and am proud of it

I enjoyed your post

stay blessed


i really appreciate your comment Sibusisiwe.If we all start seeing who we are as unique and a blessing,we will treat ourselves and be treated better.

Bih M.B. Mbuya