Lapromotion of women by the information technology and communication to the wife of the DRC SOUTH-Kivu and Nord-Kivu

Technology and Innovations Media and Communications turns out to be useless essential and indispensable to strengthen the capacity of women members claim Word pulse South Kivu / Congo this new multimedia technology is unknown to the majority of our women in DRC / province of South Kivu so that they represent a potential for relevant and useful information for efficient and competitive accented their decisions and for social advancement and splitting of their rights under this situation. Social work for Integral Development "Osodi" thanked his partner "mom Shujaa" DRC which organizes training sessions and then tick the year 2012 recognized the increasing importance of relevant and useful objective information for Congolese women women realized that they had to appropriate

One computer in the living Osodi meter highlight women's capacity in promoting lasting peace e DRC and train women in leadership so that they are able to defend themselves on the professional level at the same level as men. jeopardizes the space of information and communication, and therefore actions promote the training sessions, also contributes to acquire new knowledge and professional competence socio women in the collection, treatment, rights of women, and electronic dissemination. new opportunities open to women, strengthening their ability to claim and argument in defense of Leula advancement of women in the information technology and communication in the DRC South Kivu. The ordinateurrs law. Gace the information accessible internet WORD PULSE Mom Shujaa DRC, the mother Osodi learn to correspond with combination tool rights of existing women in the world and discovered other worlds claim, abuse, crime formidable sum knowledge that informs decisions and pronouncements. emmanuel balagizi On Osodi D R CONGO