I want to know how it feels
To make a woman bleed
To death
Without hearing her cries
Without hearing her pleas
Without seeing the death
Of her dreams

I want to know
How you felt
I was only two
Did your bludgeoning penis
Feel exhilarated
Pulsate with devilish desire
As you forcibly sowed
your shameless seed
On my infertile ground
That you mutilated
The ground that will now
Forever remain infertile
Because of you?

I want to know
If you sleep at night
What kind of dreams you dream?
What kind of man strangles
Fondles a two year old
Was he born of a mother
Like my own who bleeds
Tears every time she sees me
Begging to be forgiven
For not having been there
To protect me from my own father?

Somebody tell me
What kind of a world this is
That sodomises its future
Telling the young ones
Not to believe in love
Not to dream
Not to dare
Not to laugh
Not to treasure life
and believe in humanity?

Tell me somebody
Because I must believe in something
I must believe in things kind
And gentle
I must believe that the sun
Not only shines
For those who stand before it shines
But for those like me too
Whose limbs were severed
Before they even learnt to crawl
Raise your hand somebody
If you will help me believe


©By Batsirai Easther Chigama

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I am so sorry for the unthinkable acts you've survived. You do believe in something. If you didn't, your inner voice would never have the strength to write this moving, earth-shattering poem. Thank you for sharing your voice. You are inspiring to women around the world. Kindly, Jill