About Me: I am a 30-year-old woman living in Fairbanks, Alaska. I work in an aquatic ecology lab at the University of Alaska Fairbanks where I recently completed my master's degree studying stream ecology. I came to this site because I am very interested in issues of environmental and social justice for humans and non-humans alive on the earth. I have had experience working in ecological research, advocacy for victims of domestic violence and child abuse, organic farming and education. Despite the relative wealth and privilege of life in the US, in my home state of Louisiana, as well as here in Alaska, I have encountered many instances of poverty and environmental racism that impact women and children disproportionately. In my work studying rivers I hope to contribute to conservation planning that benefits all of the animals who depend on rivers for their health and homes, including humans.

My Passions: conservation, social justice, environmental justice

My Challenges: making my contribution meaningful, overcoming my own fear and insecurity

My Vision for the Future: a world where everyone has the opportunity to live a healthy, safe, joyful life

My Areas of Expertise: stream ecology, sustainable food production, domestic violence


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