I have always considered land not as commodity to own on an asset to include in one's portfolio.I feel it as a living,breathing cradle of love and care which gives everything it has nourish all of us with total unselfish abandon.Land has no boundaries physically and geographically.Different people have different unique emotional attachment to the land.However we as human race have still not been able to enjoy its bounties judicially to it full potential,that is why huge tracks of fertile land are empty which could have been used to feed million of hungry and poor humans of this world. I remember an incident which made me realize the importance of this fact very strongly.I got an opportunity to arrange a free medical camp in a poverty stricken village of Nepal.Almost everybody in that village had to tell about the deep level of abject poverty they were living in.The one which touched me most was that during the monsoon they are forced to eat bamboo seeds as their staple diet.It was so because they didn't have enough money to buy rice or any other food.I distinctly remember while going to that village seeing hundreds of acres of empty fertile land.When i asked the villager about that land and why they don't use it to grow food themselves on that land.They told me they are not allowed to do so because it belongs to the v.d.c..I still do not really understand why v.d.c (village development committee)which is supposed to ensure that every people has access to at least bare minimum food to service would hold such large piece of land but would not let to grow food for themselves.

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Hearing such stories, it makes me realize how far we have yet to go for equality for all. The idea that people starved as rich fertile land beckoned them and was laid in front of them almost as a mockery, is so gut wrenching for me. I am so glad you shared this story with us as your voice is one more added to the protests and objections to how things stand today. You represent a new generation of women speaking out in Nepal and I hope that one day, you may live to see a more just society.

Dear Janice,

Thank you very much for your comment.That's true we represent a new generation and have to bring many changes in society.country and world.

Warm regards Sabina.

Dear Bina,

I do agree with you about the situatuion of VDC. Among them is also my VDC. Our VDC has only few land but none of the villagers are using it. Few years ago, a group of young boys made the football ground and start playing there. I wonder why people cannot use it because poverty is far more big issue than football ground. In one side, people are dying because of starvation and VDC people are just watching it.

thank you for bringing this out.

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Dear Sunita,

Dhanyabad,Nepali ma lekhdaee chu.football grounds pani chaincha,khetipati pani nabhei hudain,ma dheree tarai ra pahari gao ghumeko le bastabik paristhiti atyant daynia cha ,yesbare ma tapai lai thah nee cha.Comment ko lagi thankyou.

With warm regards Sabina