The presence of the internet in today's world is very important in enhancing the status of women worldwide. The internet is an important tool to receive and send information. By surfing the internet, women will have access to knowledge about patriarchal and oppression systems that they may be taking for granted. They will read the stories of women who challenged unjust practices and traditions. If the women believe that some of the traditional practices to their bodies are beneficial, for example circumcision or breast ironing, they can read scientific medical research that modifies their opinions.

In addition to accessing knowledge, women can use the internet, including Web 2.0 tools, to raise their voices and report the conditions of women in their societies. For instance, I never heard about breast ironing until i viewed the youtube video by World Pulse correspondent about this topic.

Most importantly, Web 2.0 allows the female to be part of a collectivity of women who have common worries and concerns, despite the differences in their language, nationality, age, and religion. Realizing that you are not the only suffering person will give you moral and psychological support, and you will be more enthusiastic to connect with women having similar experiences to try to find suitable solutions.

What excites me about web 2.0 is that it allows space for alternative voices. That ordinary citizens can write and share their experiences and the problems they face in their daily life. This is gradually contributing to positive social change, especially in developing countries like Lebanon, where I am from. For instance, few months ago a passenger at Beirut International Airport reported a discrimination incident against a fellow Srilankan passenger. The blog the passenger wrote was shared by tens of social media activists, and the airlines had to apologize about the incident and to fire the employee responsible of it. Yet, it should be noted that many blogs and accounts publish fake information, as was the case with the popular blog 'A Gay Girl in Damascus'.

Personally, I find the internet a perfect space to spread knowledge about the unjust practices against Muslim women in the name of religion. I am a devoted Muslim myself, but i am very frustrated of the available interpretations of Islam, especially regarding women. Many women accept oppression and take it for granted as a religious duty. It is time to aware all women that remaining silent about their oppression and mistreatment will never be an act of worship.

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Very true Bitani,

The online forum and the interactive web 2.0 tools allows us to share or experience with a wider audience without fear of being judged. And through that, by sharing we figure out that we are not alone in this battle. The moral and psychological support one gets through such forums are immense.

Keep up the good work. Keep up the buzz.

Salaam Aminah

Salaam Aminah

Great article! You raised some important points and pointed out how web 2.0 tools can help overcome them.

Keep it up.


Mukut Ray

Thanks for your precious comments Aminah and Mukut :)

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."—Judy Garland

Thanks for your comment, Taha :)

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."—Judy Garland

Dear Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Like you, I also believe that the internet opens opportunities. It allows us to learn about different cultures, encourage each other and way not, helps to bring social change. Sometimes, we hear (or read) a story, and that story touches our hearts and that is enough to sparkle a flame in us, is what we needed to helps us cope with pain or/and to inspires us to promote change in ourselves and in the world. I really liked the way you conclude your article by bringing a personal perspective about been a Muslim woman… I would love to hear more details about what you called ‘interpretations of Islam”. Also you wrote: “It is time to aware all women that remaining silent about their oppression and mistreatment will never be an act of worship.” Those are powerful words you wrote. I would suggest you explore more this idea.


Catarina :0)

Hello Bitani.

Thank you for your post. Your post is very well organized. I liked how you provided a couple of examples of how the internet is teaching women, such as, through the Internet women are able to obtain information on topics like breast Ironing or female circumcision that may change their views about it. It is very important to point out how the information we can find online can begin to transform ideas. As you said, I too believe that the Internet has brought several positive changes in women’s lives, Internet has became a open forum through which women can begin to challenge oppressive traditions. I have seen several changes in my own community where girls were able to challenge the traditions and gender based discrimination like going against of early child marriage. However, there is so much misleading and incorrect information that can be found on the Internet.

It is wonderful to read that you draw your own conclusions from your faith that may challenge many misconceptions. Well done!

Thank you,


Hi Bitani,

Thank you so much for writing and for being a part of the WorldPulse community. I really loved how your writing sounds like the way you would talk--makes it so readable and interesting. You shared some great examples and stories. To show the power of your writing, I never knew about breast ironing either, but because of you I looked it up and am now informed of this important issue. Do you have a blog? If not, please consider starting one--you are a wonderful writer and you can have a big impact not only for women, but for your religion and country too!

All the best, Mila

I am really so moved by your positive feedback.

Catarina, (Catsilveira), thanks for your comment. I really feel worse every day as i see people misusing religion and abusing in the name of religion.

Riya, thanks for your kind words.

Mila, am glad you've heard about the ironing from my post. Your post really meant a lot to me, and , yes i have a blog but it is more personal and includes posts in both arabic and english. Feel free to check it at:

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."—Judy Garland