Web 2.0 is so remarkable as it provides the opportunity to interact closely with other women from different communities worldwide, share ideas and learn diverse cultures and practices as a result of interacting with participants from different backgrounds. It becomes more exciting when you are able to get reactions from around the world on what you have posted or on your story so far and get the opinions of others. A user of this tool has the privilege to speak up and freely share stories and ideas and make their voices heard and get to relive events in a community which they are not even part of. It is so wonderful and inspiring to be able to meet women with different ideas and perspectives and still with a common goal. it gives you an insight into other communities and you get to participate in empowering women indirectly. Web 2.0 is very instrumental in women’s empowerment movement as it creates a common forum in which women can meet and speak up fearlessly. It also provides the opportunity for women to meet other women, share in their griefs and stories which in turn encourages others who did not have the courage to speak up to do so. Also Web 2.0 is an innovative solution to women empowerment as it encourages collaboration with change makers and can help women build their capacities and transform ideas into reality. Web 2.0 can be used to fight patriarchal attitudes and structures. Web 2.0 holds many solutions to global women empowerment movement as it creates global awareness to the plight of women through out the globe. This includes among others ; to share ideas, to instill the spirit of women leadership through interaction with one another ; makes women to understand they can bring about developmental changes in their communities and the world at large since innovation and solutions would be shared which can help provide the key to solving global problems. Women would also have the opportunity to share information and collaborate with change makers and be able to transpose the ideas in their own communities. This tool provides a unique opportunity for me to get an insight into the problems faced by women in other communities and to also contribute and share the areas of concern to women in my own community as well as build my capacity by interacting with other women on their projects in their own communities. This would help empower women and myself as well. Besides, this would be a perfect forum to create awareness of the stories of my community and to share my ideas for future projects. It is also going to help me to relay stories that would get to the authorities who can bring change .Finally it gives me the opportunity to participate in change, to participate in influencing policy since the contents shared on this tool can impact change if it gets to the viewing of the leaders and authorities in charge of implementing change.

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Your post is inspiring and you ability to explain how Web 2.0 can be used as a positive tool to connect women around the globe is very clear and well-written.

Thank you for sharing your ideas. Keep posting!



Hi Blanche,

I enjoyed your post. Your writing is encouraging and optimistic. I especially enjoyed this sentence, " Also Web 2.0 is an innovative solution to women empowerment as it encourages collaboration with change makers and can help women build their capacities and transform ideas into reality." Keep up the great work!

“I have to tell you a secret that will see you through all the trials that life can offer. Have courage and be kind.” ~ Cinderella

Aimee Knight