To highlight The plight Of the girl-child In might I fight A legal battle That strangles Womanhood In this wayward hood

I shout from the Kgalagadi To implore SADC nations United Nations To repel concentration-camp-fashion Global legislations Imbued with sex discrimination

I rebuke commonwealth On worthlessness Of common laws Non committal Yet not so common To peripheral relegation Of the towered other Has there ever been common ground? Since hieroglyphic tablets I refuse to exist in soap opera style A piteous live tabloid

I relate the tale of a biddable child Ripped off their mother’s warm womb Auctioned wolfishly To the best bidder Deprived of letters and sums Denied a place in the sun Snatched off school gates Slumped in to herding goats

Crack dew at dawn’s crack Before frogs croak As in the Shank She sings the lullaby lyrics The first of such lifetime hysterics

By /Bobana Badisang, Botswana (Published in Mahube Journal of Writers Association of Botswana 2010)


hey Bobana,

your write strong and beautiful.I like the entire part, words representing the situations, words as powerful as so many other hundred words. I like how you have composed it and how you have put it together.

i Like the entire piece!


Nilima from Nepal

Many thanks Nilima, for appreciation of my piece. After I presented it to the launch of Mahube Journal (in which it has been published) on December 4th in the city of my home country, Gaborone, Botswana, I swore that I would not be writing protest poetry anymore...However, 'old habits die hard'. And really, I would be betraying the struggle, if I suddenly stopped writing poetry that unpacks the woman's lot. If you like it, I'm inspired. Thank you so much Nilima. Kind regards, bb.

Bobana Badisang Library: Education Faculty Liaison Unit, 3rd Floor, Office 224/402 University of Botswana Private Bag 00390, Gaborone, Botswana Telephone: 0267-355-2305 Facsimile: 0267-3957291 Telex: 2429 BD Telegraphic Address: University Gaborone http://www.ub.bw


no you shouldn't stop writing. It sounds so strong and so commanding, your voice can encourage someone, inspire someone, can represent some one!! keep on writing for you for others for your beautiful writings! I really like the way how you collect so strong words together!!!

my best wishes are always with ya!


Nilima from Nepal

Welcome to World Pulse Bobana! This poem is one that is beautiful and inspiring. I look forward to reading more from you!!

I hope you find many great connections here on PulseWire. Please let me know if you need any assistance navigating the site, making connections, etc.

Again, Welcome!

In Peace and Love,



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Wishing you peace,