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Upon leaving work today I noticed that it is the time of month for the sickle moon and star (Mars)-the very symbol of Islam. I cannot decide if I'm being whacked on the head by God or if I'm just noticing things because I've been researching Islam so much lately. Or both. Probably the latter. :P

Also, I got my book today: Voices of Resistance Muslim Women on War, Faith and Sexuality. I am very excited.

Also also, I feel awful. My spine is so out I can't hardly turn my head without pain, and much of what I eat and drink is making me feel ill. Time for detoxing of the body as well as the spirit, methinks.


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Sorry to hear about your back and feeling out of sorts. Take some me-time and just relax, letting those toxins in your body flow out (hopefully, as quickly as possible). Thinking of you...