About Me: Wife and mother of two. LIfe is a journey and while each day presents it's challenges I enjoy it all for the most part. Living close to many challenges in the Eastern Cape I feel alive, connected and in touch with everyday people. My latest venture is to be part of the literacy programme's in and around Grahamstown. New media and ICT's need literate individuals in order to obtain the maximum out of modern technology. Being able to read and write is but one step towards knowing how to help yourself out of dire circumstances. Applying knowledge once obtained is not always as simple as it seems. I am tired of middle class apathy and choose to add value by assisting through community projects working with people who seek help for themselves.

My Passions: colour, people, interior decorating, travel, antiques, life

My Challenges: middle class apathy

My Vision for the Future: to help as much as I can wherever life takes me

My Areas of Expertise: writing, communicating with ease, people, empathetic, intuitive


life has taken you here Beth and since i joined this network i feel so edified because i get to share my experiences with people who understand. I know that your vision will be fulfilled through this network. Hope you are entering the writing competition i bet you have a great story to tell

stay blessed


i looked at the story in the example. While I have lived through Apartheid I can not claim to be disadvantaged. I know for sure the trials and tribulations have brought me this far and I wish to use myself for 'good deeds' I am at a space and excited to have arrived in this space of life. I have recently overcome depression without medication. I know I can slip back into it, but I will fight yet again.

I am wondering what I can write about and the person that comes to mind is my mother and her sisters. I am not denying myself any but know they have endured much to be who and where they are. Then there is my granmother, Bertha Edling. I often think she is the force and light behind this energy I have.

My gran Bertha raised her children to be steadfast and always encouraged us never to sell drink, drugs or our bodies. Stressed very much on cleanliness and being kind and doing the right thing. I am told my my aunts Joan and Elaine Edling that I was favoured by my gran. I was born in her home, flat 11 Melbourne Road, Durban. Perhaps I was the blessing upon her home or so I choose to think.

Just writing this, her smile comes to mind.

I move through life without any fear. I often wonder why I am so brave and the only answer I can come up with is, that my life on this earth is intended to help others. I am still trying to ascertain how. Using what I have and what I know I think that this very medium might be my answer.

So thank you a total stranger for bring all of this out in me.

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