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Hello Sisters, Congratulations once again to everybody in the phase one of VOF,i wish you all the best as we go on in the journey. I just want to share with you these Tips for a Better Writing Enviroment.They are:- Your desk must be cleared and free from clutter so that your mind will be too. Have the necessary equipment Be organized as well as tidy. When you sit to write have everything you need to hand You need to be disciplined.Some write better in the morning when they are freshed, others at night. Don't be afraid to be anti-social at times,you may need to ignore calls,let your friends know that you need 'ME' time for your writing and make it clear when you are working. Make sure you are comfortable. Drink a lots of water. Exercise, make sure you get up every thirty minutes or so to stretch your legs and take a few deep breaths Surround yourself by things that gives you pleasures. Finally, sit on easy chair, have comfortable chairs you can sit back on and think


Hi Busayo Everyday is a learning opportunity for me. Thanks for the feedback.

I struggle to drink water. I will start by drinking 3 glasses of warm water and i will tell you how it goes after a week.

Cheers, Gertrude

Dear Busayo, Thank you so much for your tips. Just a comment. The fact is that we(students) are not allowed to bring water bottle in our IT Lab. Thanks With Love Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Dear Busayo, Ofcourse, I would love to do so. Thank you so much for your suggestion. What's going on friend? Cheers Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet