World Wide Web Foundation (Web 25 Year of Action Grant) has given Nigerian women the opportunity to speak on the web they want as they weave the web. The grant given to Women Inspiration Development Center, Ile-Ife, Nigeria will be used for awareness campaigns through "Radio Phone-ins" for 13 weeks. The “Radio phone-ins” will be two hours per week. Secondary School girls, university students, women from all works of life would be invited to the radio as panelist so that they can give their views on the web they want and how it can be actualized in Nigeria. The discussion will also be centered on ICT gender barriers. In Nigeria, one out of ten women has access to computer and internet. Five out of these nine without access to computer and internet feels they should not bother themselves which means they need to be educated and sensitized on how internet can better their lives. There will be series of questions during the discussion of the panelist at the “Radio phone in” programs on: • What internet is all about • Benefits of internet • Your rights and responsibilities online • Cyber bullies • Protecting your privacy online • How to avoid miscommunication on internet • Basic skills in accessing internet • Government responsibilities in safe virtual world

It becomes clear that as women are not safe in the real world so also they are not safe in the web world. It is therefore pertinent that we will continue to raise our voices until women and girls are safe both in the real world and also in the virtual world. Women and girls through this program therefore will have the opportunity of raising their voices on the kind of web they want as they continue to weave the web. However at the Radio phone-in programs women and girls will also be advised during the discussions that since we all know that social media is a public place whatever personal thing we cannot put on the bill board in the street should not be put on the social media to avoid infringement of our privacy and that women and girls should express themselves on the social media with dignity There are also gaps regarding the way women participate in the core infrastructures of the web in Nigeria. Computer Engineering in Nigeria believes to be men’s profession. Even where there are women thinkers and makers of internet, their voices are rarely heard in the mainstream. All these will be part of the discussions at the programs. Internet make me what I am today, what I was not able to achieve in the 40 years of my life I have achieved in these last five years of my access to internet. “Access to Internet is access to life” During the Radio Phone-in program sponsored by World Wide Web Foundation (Web 25 Year of Action Grant) “Women Haven” membership would be strengthens as women from all parts of Nigeria would be invited to join the group. “Women Haven” group was created in April, 2014. This is due to the fact that we realized that domestic violence is on the increase in Nigeria and Women Inspiration Development cannot be everywhere. “Women Haven” is a safe place for women and girls round Nigeria to report domestic violence happening in their community through cell phone technology since 80% of women in Nigeria do not have access to computer and internet. When cases of violence are reported like that, Women Inspiration Development Center will then take steps to help the woman facing the violence report the case through social media to the world, take the necessary legal action against the perpetrator and then free the woman from the hook of an abuser. We have helped 55 women and girls facing domestic violence through this group.This is the power of digital Technology.

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Dear Busayo-- I am so happy to hear about the grant for the Women Inspiration Development Center! The radio programs are a brilliant idea. I spent the past five years working in rural South Africa and I know what an important medium the radio is for communicating and connecting with people. Lots of people listen to the radio all day while they work. I will be very interested to hear more about what comes from the panelists and their ideas about how the web should look.

It is also very heartening to hear about the use of cell phone technology to report cases of domestic violence and connect women with support. Amazing that you have already assisted 55 women to break the cycle of violence! Beautiful work you all are doing there. Thank you for sharing your passion for the power of the internet with other women!

With great appreciation. Bheki

Thank you Bheki for your response and encouragement. As the program is going I will be posting into my journal the contributions of the women and girls on the web they want and their views on how internet is going to change their lives for the better. I really appreciate your comments

Regards Busayo

Busayo ObisakinWomen inspiration Development center Ile-Ife, Nigeria

I truly wish this services were available in the community where I live. Would really love to join your team when your reach gets to Calabar. I am more impressed with the fact that the campaign is taken to schools. I think this I a really brilliant idea, because for most of the part Adolescent and Sexual Reproductive Health campaign have been very successful in schools, with this in schools, I know it will go a long way to "break the cycle of domestic violence" ( like Bheki wrote).

Hi Idara, Thank you for your comments. I will keep you inform on when we will be able to bring this opportunity to calabar. I will be coming to Uyo and Porthacourt middle of August to organize Empowerment Workshops for some women. I really appreciate your support!

Regards Busayo

Busayo ObisakinWomen inspiration Development center Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Dear busayo,

Thank you for sharing your story with World Pulse, and for all the work that you do to empower women in Nigeria! I think a really important part of your program is helping women learn to understand how to be safe on the Internet and social media. Many people forget that we have little anonymity online, and taking steps to ensure that women understand that is so important!



Thank you Grace for your comment. We made it clear during the campaigns that women must endevour to stay safe on the internet. We let them realize that whatever you cannot write on a bill board about your self and put on the street should not be shared on the internet so that they can be protected online. Your contribution is highly appreciated!

Warmly Busayo

Busayo ObisakinWomen inspiration Development center Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Dear Busayo!

Thank you for sharing your story and this spectacular idea of giving to Nigerian Woman the opportunity to speak on the web and along that, using the radio as a complement tool! If you do not mind, I would like to use your story as an example of raising female voices! After all, this is what weave the web is for! Sharing information and inspiring more sisters! Thank you again for your great job and your decision of making a better world through it!