About Me: I am a young lady who will be turning 26 this year November, I have a beautiful baby girl who would be turning 4years on the 25 of this month (April). I grew up playing soccer, I grew up as a tomboy with both my parents and my younger sister and brother. I am a very energetic being, who enjoys challenges and is never broken down by an difficult situation in my life. I had a rough life when growing up, I experienced lot of things that made me to be a better today lady and mother today. I work in a youth center where we deal with young people and everything that's affects them. i'm doing psychology at UNISA, and I run a project that helps young girls from 15years until university level.

My Passions: talking to people especially young girls

My Challenges: lack of money,

My Vision for the Future: opening my own clinic


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It sounds like the campaign this year is meant for you! I would like to learn more about your desire to open a clinic!

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Always Your Sister in this work, Debra

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Dear Busisiwe

Welcome to World Pulse!

Please continue to share your story through your journal - and explore around on other people's posts. There are so many wonderful people with such heartfelt stories we encounter here in World Pulse.

The youth are our future. God bless you in your efforts to empower them. We would love to hear more from you.

Salaam (Peace be with you and me). Aminah

Salaam Aminah