Today I am tired. My body is tired. My head is tired. My spirit is tired. My heart is tired. Too much activity. Too much thinking. Too much disturbing news.

Sometimes- no, many times- I wish I were not so sensitive. So easily bruised. My efforts result in aches, and I don't see the gain.

I am tired, but not overcome. I refuse to be beaten down. I will stop. Breathe. Rest.

Today I will only let the good in. Only that which lifts up. Energizes. So that tomorrow I can again rise to join the challenges which refuse to go away.

I am not overcome.


I had a day very much like this too. So, reading your words here energizes me and I can say here with you, I am not overcome.

Thank you for the encouragement

I feel the same quite often these days :( And yes I will not be overcome that is what I keep telling myself.

Thanks for sharing.


With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara 


Looks like I am a day late. In that case, today is the tomorrow we contemplated yesterday. Today is a fresh start, and something for which to be grateful. Tire brings a burst of fresh energy, as the body's way of maintaining homeostasis. Have a beautiful day!

Darren Bunton

Thanks for the encouraging words. Your not so good day still energises someone else, even months later, that day is still energising others. Thanks for sharing. Grateful you shared.