Growing up was fun, Being the first child and grandchild. You have attention of every body Except from one person, Grandma. Strange, isn’t it? Soon I realize Mom and Grandma Were acting mouse and cat, but why? Grandma had her choice of a daughter in law. My Dad had his own choice of a wife, my mother. As the first child, Grandma’s wrath fell on me, As I grew up, I came face to face with reality. My grandma called me “Big head for nothing” That a “name given to me was wasted” I had had enough of this and with determination, I wanted change this but how? I realized God knew and loves me Because I AM ME.

I excelled and joined Secondary school But this didn’t hinder her rage. The first girl to do that in our family, I felt like a heroine. The first girl to join high school I was a heroine. The first girl to attain university education. I conquered!

To the young girls, never give up the future is bright. I am a living example. I testify that all things are possible through God. With no regret and no bitterness. Am thankful. Things are not the same now, there is change. I want to see more change; In our attitudes, In society, In families, In our hearts. Each one of us can do something, To bring about this change. ALL OF US!

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Congratulations Calupo!

You made it, this is the story I want to hear. Please celebrate your achievement . You are a hero and conqueror.Not many girls who have gone through such treatment can endure to the end with success.

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Grace Ikirimat

"It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."

Thanks for that piece of admiration. I also do appreciate also your reminder on tagging, i will surely do tick the box to enter the campaign. You mean the box at the extreme bottom?


What a wonderful story of determination, perseverance and success! I am sorry to hear your grandmother wasn't supportive, but so glad to hear how you were able to rise above and conquer. Thank you for sharing, you are truly an inspiration for all women. :)



Hi Tiffany, i am glad many people like you take time to read, encourage and share support in voices.

Every Blessing