I’m going to be honest with everyone. I didn't really know what World Pulse was all about or that there were millions of women out there who were suffering inequality, prejudice, and injustice. No, scratch that. Ofcourse I knew that there were things like that happening to women but I just didn’t know to what extent. I haven’t had any real knowledge as to what was happening to women from all over the world and then World Pulse came into my life. I felt kind of intimidated at first because I didn't really know anything about this community. You are all established women from all over the world who had a purpose. I can’t even begin to compare myself.

I’ve realized that these women came from different countries and they all have a purpose, a meaning as to why they are here. Why am I here? I don’t know anything. That’s true. But I can learn. I know that I’m still young to understand all the complexities in this world but I hope that that this can work to my advantage. After all, the younger I start the longer I’ll be able to help serve women from all over the world. I've heard about all the different women who inspired change and just recently this morning, I was reading a book by Paulo Coelho titled Like the Flowing River and I was inspired by his speech for Shirin Ebadi. Here are snippets of what he wrote:

To the woman who understood her task. To the woman who looked at the road ahead of her, and knew that hers would be a difficult journey. To the woman who did not attempt to make light of those difficulties, but, on the contrary, spoke out against them and made them clearly visible. To the woman who made the lonely less alone, who fed those who hungered and thirsted for justice, who made the oppressor, feel as bad as those he oppressed. To the woman who always keeps her door open, her hands working, her feet moving. …may she be each and every one of us, may her example spread, may she still have many difficult days ahead, so that she can complete her work, so that, for the generations to come, the meaning of ‘injustice’ will be found only in dictionary definitions and never in the lives of human beings. And may she travel slowly, because her pace is the pace of change, real change, always takes a very long time.

This speech gave me a renewed meaning as to why I am here. It doesn't matter anymore how I got here or why I decided to join because now I know why I’m here. I’m here to help millions of women out there who needs my help and together with the World Pulse community, I can make this a reality. We can all make this a reality. The road ahead may be a difficult journey but we will all get there eventually.

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Hi, Candy

Kudos to you! Your journal had captured my eyes. You are such a talented young woman with tremendous opportunity and success ahead of you. As you know, I am a Filipina and now lives in New York as an immigrant since last year. Just like you, I wanted to be a journalist, but because I didn't have the opportunity to take journalism, I didn't pursue that career. However, I found my way to become a citizen journalist, and have a taste of being a journalist. This passion brought me to a bigger mission - that is to make a difference through my writing and doing good deeds. . By the way, I and my fellow CNN Manila ireporters went to Cagayan De Oro to do an outreach after that worst typhoon that hit your place.

Good luck to you and your studies. Continue reading, writing and let your young voice be heard.

Best, Lia


Thank you ate Lia! This means so much to me and I will try hard to do best in my studies. And yes, when typhoon Sendong hit CDO, I was volunteering for my school in Xavier University. The city is in much better condition now. Take care!

HI, Candy, I am happy to see your post again. Tsada kaayu imong panglantaw. I am glad to see that you have managed to find time to finish the assignment despite your many tasks. I am inspired.

Blessings, libudsuroy

''Every Day is a Journey and the Journey itself is Home.'' (Matsuo Basho)

Hi Candy,

Nice knowing you in this wonderful platform. Age can neve be a barrier in exhibiting one's potential. And you are proving that.


Merlin James

Hey Candy, Pleasure to meet youngster like you at this forum, who is determined to know the complexities and head forward to solve them. Youth is the best period of life, the period that molds us into what we want to be. You exhibit the talent and have the potential to be a successful person.

Keep it up!

Lots of love bhavna

Yes, I know what that word means - I live in a predominately Filipino community. I say Salamat because I am grateful to you for sharing this wonderful essay, for being part of World Pulse, and most of all for wanting to make this world a safer, better place for women. Your writing is beautiful, the 'snippets' you shared were inspiring. From the looks of your photo, I could be your 'Nana'. This makes me even more grateful for you - we so need young, passionate women to be part of this movement. You will add the needed energy that some of us (I speak for myself) who have been doing the work for a long time need to keep going. Yes, it does take a long time, but I am renewed from your energy.

I look forward to reading more from you, and how you will use World Pulse to shake and move.

In peace, Beverly

Dear Candy,

Thank you for your honest and inspiring post. It is certainly lovely to have women of all ages and in all situations take part in this community. I think that is part of what makes it so strong! I do think that we all constantly learn from each other, and I am curious to learn if anything in particular from the World Pulse community has affected you or significantly influenced your life.

I look forward to reading more of your thoughts and ideas!



World Pulse made a lot of things clearer for me as well. Issues that I thought I already understood. You have come to a wonderful place for shared understanding. Thank you, for your heartfelt honesty. I look forward to your future writings.

“I have to tell you a secret that will see you through all the trials that life can offer. Have courage and be kind.” ~ Cinderella

Aimee Knight