When I finished my ‘O’ level some 15 years ago, there are people I thought I would never meet again in life. Thanks for Facebook, I have reconnected with these long-lost friends. I have come to see their spouses and children and sometimes i even know what they are having for dinner. I can chat to these people in real time, while I sit in the comfort of my home. I do not need to go to the post office to buy stamps so that i can post a letter to them.

When i have to drive to an area I do not know, i do not have to sweat with fear of getting lost. At the click of a button, i can access Google Maps and get directions to my destination. Gone are the days when men alone where expected to read newspapers and have 'intelligent' discussions amongst themselves. Now women can access interactive news sites online and make their own contributions and men are fast realizing that we are not just pretty faces. Search engines such as Yahoo! and Google have given women access to information on how other women on the planet are fighting stereotypes and other problems women encounter around the world. For me these are very exciting aspects of Web 2.0.

Web 2.0 has done away with the unwritten rule that women, like children, should just be seen and not heard. Now women's voices are rising throughout the world because of platforms such World Pulse. I am always overwhelmed with pride when I read journal entries of sisters who confess that their English is poor because it is not their first language or because they did not get a proper education. What impresses me is these women are undeterred, they insist on being heard! Other media like TV, radio and newspapers would prefer to speak to the learned and well-spoken ones, but Web 2.0 gives global women the power to claim their place under the sun and the right to be heard, regardless of educational background.

I believe that sometimes there is power in numbers. I recently had a personal crisis and was second-guessing myself. I decided to make journal entry on World Pulse just to get things off my chest and got responses from my online friends which made me more resolute.I would not know which newspaper or radio station to approach if I had something I needed published to a mass audience, but because of Web 2.0 I can write anything i want without fear of censorship. Nobody has to know my real name or see my face, but they will hear my voice. We have such paranoid governments on the African continent and people are terrorized for having divergent views. Web 2.0 has ensured that the basic human right of free speech is exercised without fear of persecution or prosecution under some dubious laws, and to me that is absolute liberation. Our chests do not need to burst with things unsaid anymore, Oh we will be heard!

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'Nobody has to know my real name or see my face, but they will hear my voice'. And your voice will sure make the needed difference.. Nicely written.. I like!

I do not aim for Perfection; Just excellence!

Very expressive article. Interesting to read. Only suggestion is that you break it up to five or six paragraphs for easy reading.



A candle looses nothing my lighting another

Your last two paragraphs are powerful indeed! It´s true, the internet is proving to be an interesting place--allowing people of different educational, geographic, and economic backgrounds to share with and learn from each other.

Dear Carlotta,

Thank you for the personal and powerful voice you have expressed here. I feel like you have started a poem in my head (or perhaps the lyrics to a song):

Our chests need not burst with things unsaid, Oh, We will be heard!

I liked the way you connected your personal experiences with the empowering potential of Web 2.0. And thank you for your support of the sisters who may struggle with English language posts but "are undeterred, they insist on being heard!" This is a powerful reminder that courage is never invisible but can be seen and heard in our struggles.

All the best to you,



Rest assured that you and other women around the world are being heard by all. Even those who choose not to listen-must hear. Men are hearing the voices of women, transparent or not. We have no choice to but to hear, and respond to the words and stories of women who nourish the world.

I believe there are also many men and women who have been willing to listen. There just weren't the means to communicate in the fashion in which technology such as 2.0 permits. Thank you for sharing your story on how you are serving as a "strong" voice to speak out and encourage others to speak, and listen.

Darren Bunton

Thanks a lot Darren. It feels good to get positive feedback from a man because there is always the assumption (Wrong one at times) that men do not want to listen. Thanks again.