Workshop in Samburu, Kenya
  • Workshop in Samburu, Kenya

First and foremost what is Web 2.0? Can you see, hear, smell, taste or touch it? This depends on how you want to interpret it. I only got to understand the whole concept after going through the learning material. The term initially sounded like Greek but the information was very useful.

Web 2.0 sends thrills in my spinal cord because I now know I can share information globally in whatever format and receive responses. The world is a global village. Information moves at the speed of lightening. I can now be a part of the successes of any small village in any remote part of the world.As long as am willing to share and learn from others.We have no excuse about making a positive difference in the lives of many.

Web 2.0 is providing several solutions to the global women's empowerment movement. These include: -quick relay of information worldwide to persons with similar interests -possible answers to various challenges women face through experiences of others and wealth of knowledge -voiceless women being heard from the remotest parts of the village -increase in job creation -more economically empowered women -strengthening of community networks -improved techniques in problem solving -greater investment in education and health -having less abusive relationships -increase in creativity and talent development -collection of best practices for future reference -more transparency and accountability -peace filled communities.

With the above information, Web 2.0 is very empowering for me. I have been given the opportunity to meet with people from all walks of life and exchange ideas.This is a chance to enlarge my vision and know that am not the only one who shares certain dreams. There are many others in the world whom i could network with and together we accomplish many missions.This is the time to stand up tall and reach out to as many people as possible. I believe together, we can make a positive difference.It is never too late for miracles to occur.The attached photo speaks volumes of how we can reach out to others in very remote zones.Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this journey.


Carol, Thanks for following the assignment! I loved hearing your ideas of leadership in your final paragraph. Your excitement about the future of Web 2.0 shines through. Keep up the good work. Alison

sorry, I hit submit too fast. I would also like to have seen you use more examples on how the solutions of web 2.0 would empower women. You gave excellent examples, but maybe next time tie your personal ideas in with these suggestions. Overall, well done!!!

your evaluator :) Alison

Dear Alison, Thank you for your words of encouragement. I was not very sure what to include but after having a look at other journals, I learnt some few tips. Will take note of that. Thank you once again for your time. Carol

Hey Alison, Wow! you should be a spokeswoman for Web 2.0! Great job. I feel as though I have learned a lot from you on how Web 2.0 helps our society in so many ways. I am thrilled to think that I too can network with women from all over the world. I feel so blessed that I get to build new connections and friendships, dozens of them, all from the Internet. Technology amazes me! Thanks for sharing your positive energy, it's contagious! I look forward to reading more of your words. Sincerely, Lora

Hello Lorageneva, Mistake acknowledged. I know names can get very confusing when responding to so many different people at the same time.But that is part of the fun . We expand our networks by including new people in our tiny cacoons. Hoping to hear more from you. Your words are so powerful. Thanks!!!